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Full auto muzzle flash pix
Had to get rid of some blanks today so me and my buddy (who is also the armorer) disposed of several hundred blanks with a full auto GAU and a few M4's. Thought you guys might like these...
[Image: IMG_0973-1.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1017.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1009.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0950.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0929.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0919.jpg]
[Image: gfbsasakisan-1.gif]
where was this?
At a training area on base
[Image: gfbsasakisan-1.gif]
Very nice Golgo!
Thanks for sharing!
King of Questions
I didnt know we had any GAUs on Yokota. Give me a shout next time you need to waste some blanks =P
wraith I am up in Misawa. All of our M4's are 3 rnd burst. We have a few GAU's that are full auto though.
[Image: gfbsasakisan-1.gif]
I was wondering where you would be shooting on Yokota as our range is indoors. Those GAU's must be pretty ancient by now.
Yeah they are str8 vietnam style. No forward assist, no brass deflector, M16 carry handle, skinny handgurads, full auto and a nickel BCG! Our range is indoors as well. We do have a Mock village and tent city for ABD/Land nav/patrolling type stuff that's where we were. We had simunitions instructors a while back but I believe they PCSed =(
[Image: gfbsasakisan-1.gif]
I had a lot of fun at CST with the SIM training. My instructor was a Force Recon Marine, he said hes never seen someone as accurate as I am with an M16, it was a nice ego boost. I was getting headshots shooting offhand at 300 meters consistantly while standing, I think he had to pick his jaw up off the ground. When it came time for SIM training I had a lot of fun blasting the Op4 in the facemask.

How often do you get jams with the GAU with blanks? I imagine quite a lot with a weapon of that age.
For whatever reason the GAU was kicking ass, it would rip through mags no problems. The M4's kept jammig up like crazy. But the GAU would stumble through teh 1st cuple rounds in FA. Then it would speed up and empty the mag. I think the temperature and the volume of gasses it moved were keeping the the gas ports and such clean wheras the M4's couldn't do the same in zero degree weather and 3 rnd burst.
[Image: gfbsasakisan-1.gif]

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