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Hakkoda Snowboarding/Hiking Trip
With all the talk about Hakkoda in the Pic thread, I thought I'd upload my non-airsoft activity for the past few weekends.

I've been heading up to Hakkoda almost every weekend since 28th Jan, and most recently with last weekend with Psycho too. This is really more a backcountry tour with snowboarding (rather than a pure snowboarding trip) :-

[Image: Hakkoda01.jpg]

Yours truly...
[Image: Hakkoda02.jpg]
[Image: Hakkoda03.jpg]
[Image: Hakkoda04.jpg]
[Image: Hakkoda05.jpg]
[Image: Hakkoda06.jpg]
[Image: Hakkoda07.jpg]

Psycho waist deep stuck in powder :-
[Image: Hakkoda08.jpg]
[Image: Hakkoda09.jpg]
[Image: Hakkoda10.jpg]

Psycho & myself on the left :-
[Image: Hakkoda11.jpg]
[Image: Hakkoda12.jpg]
Love the pics, i have been where you go. Use to snow show up to the cabin and spend the night, get up early and climb the mountain for sun rise.
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I'm heading up this weekend again (after work on Friday to Aomori then to Hakkoda on Sat morning staying in Sukayu Onsen on Sat night). I can't get enough of Hakkoda.
Damn, that's nice...
Q, hit me up next time you head up there. I would love to join you on one of those!
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