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EC3 connector for a Lipo & M4 CQB MOE
I found out this connector EC3 on the website called GUNSMITH ENGINEER. He recently started to introduce EC3 and pointed out some features of that compared to Deans one as below.

EC3 is ...
- easy to grip for plugging in and out.
- easy to solder 'cos it doesn't need heat-shrinkable tubing
- 60A of rated current ( Deans is 50A)

Right after finding this I tried to convert connectors of a Lipo battery and M4 CQB MOE from Tamiya to EC3. Attached files are sample pictures of it and I learnt from the following link how to convert.

I'll report about the impression of usage later and would like to hear any impression of EC3 connector if someone use it.

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The other ones to check out are XT60's. They are also rated around 60A. One of the feedback about EC3 is that it's harder to "reuse".
(08-02-2011, 12:50 AM)Q Wrote: One of the feedback about EC3 is that it's harder to "reuse".

Mmm... I think it's correct. It's difficult to remove solder completely from a cup of a bullet connector.

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