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WE G39C vs WE G39 RAS
Some new kit that I will review soon, but that I wanted to do a preliminary post on.

I split a WEG3C and a G39RAS to get this...
[Image: G39RAS.jpg]

The biggest issue I have always had with the G36 series is the big bulky mags not fitting into a pouch system that was quick to grab. I am so used to my M4 fast mags that the G36 always seemed slow and bulky, and teh coupling lugs on the side of the mags just always bugged me.

So I bought a dremel and cut off the lugs and found a pouchmag that they fit in nicely. Problem solved.

[Image: G39Taco.jpg]

The difference between the G39C that I bought in Japan and the RAS I ordered from overseas is amazing! They have definitely done something to the Japanese version to bring the power way down and to work with HFC gas.

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