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[COMPLETED] Sas-T Basic Shooting Training, Feb. 12th 2011
Hello all,

Some members and I are planning on taking a basic shooting training which will be held at Sas-T.
A part of things which we had learnt under an instructor in the past training is here.
And some pictures are here provided by tifast.

The following is a summary for this event.

Date: Saturday, February 12th 2011
Time: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Location: Sas-T
Field Tel : 042-663-5329(10:00AM ~ 8:00PM)
Access Map:
Address: 東京都八王子市下恩方町2938
Content: The Basic Shooting Training
Cost: 5,250 yen (including TAX)
Lunch: BYOF
Parking Fee : Car - 500 yen, Motorcycle - 250 yen

This event doesn't have the sigh-up sheet, so if you are interested in or have any questions, please PM me individually.
IBF is charging for parking now!?!?
Q - This surely sounds a little confusing to you, but IBF is NOT charging for parking even now as you know. Actually Sas-T has a place for training next to main building of IBF and they use common parking lot, then somehow ONLY trainees of Sas-T have to pay a parking fee.
Hahaha!! That's very interesting. Anyhow, I'm going back up to Hakkoda again so unfortunately I cannot make it. Thx for the info though.
Q - NP. Please enjoy there again and take care of your camera for this timeTongue

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