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New Mesh Masks from Brassguard
The original (Russian) maker of the mesh mask is coming back with a new model, the STARK, set to replace the Praetorian. This new version seem to offer a better overall protection, some velcro panel for patches, and a much needed upgrade on the strapping system. The mesh itself though is now a full tan/coyote, whether it will be the only option available or not is yet unknown.
Like others who already had the Praetorian, the obvious flaws of the STARK seem though similar: difficulty to get fitting glasses/goggles under that mask (mesh only is not enough eye protection), and difficulty to get a nice angle when aiming down your AEG, the mask itself being in the way.

[Image: image226.png]

Additionally, it could be noted that the Stalker version had a great update, with a better strapping system, detachable ear protections, and loop velcro on the cheek, making resting your face on the stock of the AEG much more comfortable and silent than with the v1.
I do wonder why they do not offer the Stalker in MC yet though. I'd personally be interested in getting one.

[Image: newstalker.jpg]

European reseller website
(in English).

Source and prices.

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