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Frigate Bird Corp Multicam?
Hello all-

I was in Akiba today with a friend and was looking around ASOBIT City Airsoft shop and found a set of Crye Field cut Multicam BDU's that were tagged with the Multicam labels and Garment tag. The Company log tag inside the set is Frigate Bird. I tried looking them up but have had no results. Is anyone familiar with them and is it real Mulitcam. It looks pretty legit but you never know. And for 17800Y it better be real Multicam fabric. I really do like the Crye Field cammies but honeslty can't justify the price...I can barely justify 17800Y. Any help would be appreciated.
It's real MC alright, just a Japanese local maker.

I have a cap and pants from them, and it's pretty low quality stuff. The sewing is poorly done, design is meh, I would not recommend it, especially considering the price. If you have a credit card, you're better off buying from the web a tru-spec, OPS (ur-tactical) or any of the 300 brands that make legit MC stuff cheaper than Crye Precision.

My advice ;-)
I would second Ycare's recommendation.
I have had great success with the stuff over at ur-tactical. It is very well made, and they offer great customer support. Search for them to see some of the posts I have made regarding them.

Added Bonus:
With the strong yen it also makes everything overseas much cheaper Smile

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