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Airsoft Game Videos
Some video of Field-Ops in Shin-Yurigaoka. I'm warming up to the field, but it still pales in comparison to most Chiba fields.

How is it like playing in this field? It looks very cramped!!
(18-04-2012, 01:16 PM)Q Wrote: How is it like playing in this field? It looks very cramped!!

Luckily when went to public game that day there were only about 40 players who attended (due to hanami season).

I find it more challenging than BCU, 1- you cannot see the opposing teams directions, 2-opfor can come out from left and right without you knowing it.

i would say this is ideal for about 40-50 players at most. more than 50 and it would be cramped.

And the addition of the catwalk in the middle of the field is a good addition for filming.

Dunno if this is appropriate for this, but I've stumbled upon a Taiwanese airsoft movie called War Games 229

Here's the trailer.

Quick vid I threw together from a public game at Agito.

nice find adi! do they have english subtitles for that?
Another fun day at Field-Ops. Field really found it's footing.

hmmm... for the whole movie... as of now I can't find it..
Drift cam is back up and running after an unfortunate run in with a BB or two. Excuse the fuzziness of the video, I taped some extra plastic over the lens to protect it from getting shot up again.

Got me a GoPro, mostly liking it more than my DriftHD170, but I miss having a screen to review video, and the controls leave something to be desired. Here's my first outing with it:

Finally got to play at BLAM!! indoor field. Great game, but I learn a hard lesson about GoPros and indoor lighting.

Vid from 12/12/12 public game at Union Base. 90 people on a Wednesday. And rightfully so, the revamped field is EXCELLENT.

Got lazy with my video editing, but took a relaxing day off and worked up this little gem. Part crew video, part tribute to Office Space. Enjoy!


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