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Airsoft Game Videos
Great videos Zero!
Thanks for taking the time to take some awesome video footage Smile
Here are the videos I took of Wezley, Drifter, and Dave when we went to BCU the other day. Enjoy Smile

Nice vids.
Dave needs to call his hits louder or he is going to get lit up Smile
haha! i guess it didnt really matter that day coz even i still got massacred. those people were such a trigger happy bunch.
An almost post production of the Jan 29th mock video, courtesy of FanVision Productions :-

Sweet, was wondering what happened with this vid. Thanks for the update Q.
Ahah, it's almost cheesy funny so far, I like it ^^
I will add this one to the list as I forgot we had a video thread...


Public Game we went to @ DSK. Enjoy.
A group of us went to Code 7, a new field out in Saitama, on Sunday.
Some random footage cut together...

Lots of blue tarp eh, not too keen on that personally Undecided

Nice video else!
Just got my Drift HD cam. Here are some test vids from Desert Union last weekend. My crappy performance aside, I enjoyed using the camera. Might do a gear review later.

Another bunch of raw footage from my Drift HD cam. Watch me as I try and lug my growing fat ass around the field, and plant the camera on some fitter and newber members of the crew.

Think I need to field it one more time to get a good picture of the camera, and try gun mounting it. Review will follow after that.

enjoy. subscribe! I got many more to edit through and post!
Cool video Zero.
Here is an old vid that I forgot to post from the same field a while back.


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