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Airsoft Game Videos
Well we have a picture thread, but not a video one yet, so let's do that!

Although apologies to TKO since two of videos are from an FTT game, hope it's still ok since it's mostly the same members!

BB Jungle 5th Dec 2010 spectating:

BB Jungle 5th Dec 2010 Pistol Game:

Splash Indoor 9th Jan 2011 Room Clearance Game:

Splash Indoor 9th Jan 2011 Capture the bomb - Ycare Action style! (NEW)

Hope you enjoy!
Thanks for the vids Ycare, I really want to find a way to reliably mount my a camera to my gun so I cam get some video done to.
impressive handgun action bro! loved the music to go along with it!
Old video I took at a paintball field in Hawaii, was a charity food drive. Expensive camera mounted on my WE M4. Not really how I enjoy playing, but it was better than sitting inside all day.

Even older video of a scenario I made for, was the Op4 commander in the first half.

Mounted a camera on top of my WE M4 with a 50 dollar generic camera. Again, not my style. This day was about 95 degrees, so it was pretty miserable.

EDIT: Not sure what the hell is up with the video tags...

Glad you like it guys! Btw, if you want to hit me up on Facebook for when I add pics and stuff of games, just friend me, I'm on /Ycare
(17-01-2011, 08:28 PM)Drifter Wrote: Thanks for the vids Ycare, I really want to find a way to reliably mount my a camera to my gun so I cam get some video done to.

use a tachyon XC micro + picatinny rail mount. that's what i do + another camera on my helmet.
Nice Vids guys! specially the one where you captured my epic fail Ycare :p you laugh said it all Big Grin what can i say i dont play cards Big Grin but i made up for it in the end Smile
Video made from pics of last season games in Vladivostok, Russia. Season that I missed.

Aliis inserviendo consumor.
I have a channel of Airsoft related videos at

your videos brought something to my attention that I had never considered before. Mounting a camera on a gun means you have to point the gun at whatever you want to record (obviously). This means you have to point it at friendlies or team mates if you want to record them. It totally came to my attention in the intro of your third video when you were pointing your gun at your team mates in what seemed to be the safety area as many of them had their goggles off. I am sure the gun was on safety and had the mag removed, but it still really caught my attention. taking photos/footage of friends and team mates is always a big reason to bring the camera, and I was considering a gun mounted system. Thanks to your video I think I will stay with the head mount. You saved me some time and energy, thanks.
I figured someone would notice that. I had already mounted the camera to my WE M4 and wanted to get a bit more footage, so I removed the lower receiver. Only took a few seconds and would make people feel a bit more comfortable with me walking around with it, as you can see I did it more than once before I stopped filming altogether. I'm carrying the camera around with my M4 as an upper only. A bit of a pain in the ass, but better than not getting any footage at all or making people nervous hoping I have it on safe.

Helmet cam video is a much better chouce. I picked up a Contour HD last snowboarding season and would recommend it. Very light, 1080p capable and not too expensive. With a gun mounted digital camera like you you have to keep it aimed at a subject and not at the ground, which is harder than you might think. They you have to go back through hours of footage just to find those times were the scene is good, lighting is good and you're actually shooting at something interesting. Like you said, just stick with a helmet cam.

for those of u who are not friends with me on facebook, add me @ Ansel Marsh

Here are two videos I made from the game on Sunday @ Desert Union. Enjoy.
awesome game zero! hope i could join you next time you go on a public game!
Zero - I like the way you guys well communicated with each other in the game. It's cool! Thx for sharing a video^^
no problem! thanks for watching!

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