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Hey guys, I need some help from people that own/have owned Masadas.
My Masada won't fire

So I have my Masada, I open up the grip, attach my 9.6v battery (fully charged), and then slide the grip back on, and push the pin in. I then inserted a clip, turned on my scope and switched it to semi.
I put my finger on the trigger, line up the shot, squeeze and then *click*
I try again *click*
I switch it to full auto *click*
I change batteries *works*
Clip is empty, pull it out, put a few more bbs in it.
I re-insert clip, line up shot, pull trigger *click*

Please help me guys, I have no idea what's going on!
King of Questions
Does click mean nothing happens or that there is an audible click that you can hear?
Audible click
King of Questions
Do you feel a very light movement in the grip itself when you squeeze the trigger? Kinda like the motor is trying to turn but the gearbox is blocked?

Did you try several time going to full and going back to semi?

I've had a shitload of problem with my ACR, gearbox block being one of them. Last to happen was the selector being so slightly misaligned that it would only work on full in cold weather and half the time in semi in warmer temperature.

You just received it new or second hand?
Brand new. Lemme try switching quickly, and I'll see I I feel the grip.
But it sounds like a purpose click.
Like the click an empty (but cocked) GBB pistol makes
King of Questions
Have you adjusted the motor height at all?
Any other changes to the internals?

Are you sure the batteries are full?

I would take it back to the place you bought it and ask them about it.
Haven't touched anything except hopup (which is at full)
I bought it from
Red wolf
Ok, so I just put a battery in to do what Ycare said and guess what?
The gun worked the second I pulled the trigger.
Whay worries me is that I have no idea what
Makes it click and what fixes it.
King of Questions
The semi has misalignment issues sometimes, I had this problem, and several others have it. A quick change to auto, firing a couple of shots, and then going back to semi should fix the blocks.

For fixing the blocks for good, eventually you might need to change the alignment of the selector knob with the actual gearbox selector wheel. That's what I did for mine this week, and it seems like working better, but I won't know until a full day of playing though...
Ycare, is there any chance you could make a tutorial video or photo thingy?
King of Questions
Uuuh, the only camera I have is my HD Hero, pretty sure that wouldn't do good at all on close up to explain how to set this... sorry Sad
Oh, could you super describe it
King of Questions
I'll try:

The selector on the ACR is made of two external knobs, which are screwed to respectively one dented wheel on the each side. The knobs also have a kind of "clicking" position to help choosing between safe, semi, and auto. This is independent of the actual gearbox inside.

The way the selectors on each side "connect" to the selection mechanism in the gearbox, is only through those dented wheels. When you take the gearbox out, there is no way to really know what position is safe, semi, and auto, besides having experience with V2 gearboxes. Thus, sometimes, the gearbox internal selector mechanism, will be slightly misaligned, or "not on the right position", when inserted in the lower receiver, and the results will be non, or bad, functioning selector switches.

Look on the diagram provided with the AEG, you will see which dented wheels I'm talking about.

Basically, to try fixing it, you need to have only the lower receiver, and the gearbox still inside the receiver, but with the attachments removed (bottom grip and 2 small hex screws in the magazine receiver removed). Once this is done, slide slightly the gearbox out (make sure the selectors are in semi, else you might have difficulties, or maybe it's another one, not sure, just try). Once you can see that you have no problem sliding the gearbox out, just try moving the dented wheel on the left side of the gearbox (left side if you were holding it to shoot) a little bit in one direction (or the other), then push the gearbox back into the receiver, connecting back to the dented wheels of the selectors on each side. Connect a battery, and try switching between safe, semi and auto. You'll see that if you turn too much the wheel, or in the wrong direction, safe might become auto, and vice versa. It's no problem, just trial and error and you should be able to find the "sweet spot" where semi will work flawlessly without needing to switch back and forth.

Make sure you have a spring inside the gearbox when you try all this, else the semi might lock up more often than usual.
I get the impression that I may need to hold and ACR workshop Big Grin.
I feel better knowing it's not only me now ;p
(14-01-2011, 05:11 PM)Q Wrote: I get the impression that I may need to hold and ACR workshop Big Grin.
That would actually be great.
Thanks for the epic instructions Ycare, but now I worry that if I open it up I'll break it. And you know, its $500 were talking, that's the most valuable thing I own
King of Questions

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