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Laser on the field
When I check one of the LIPO battery links on the triggertalk website, I stumbled into one of their link and found out they sell Crimson Trace style laser sight (laser pointer build inside pistol grip) for M1911 style pistol. As an owner of Marui M1911, I wanted to have it for my gun, especially since it was not that expensive (basic colors sells for about 5000 yen, while Camo sell for almost 6000 yen). And so, I was wondering about legitimacy of lasers on the field. I heard that some field ban lasers since it can be harmful to eye, while some other field says it's ok.

Perhaps, somebody could explain to me the legality of using laser (more like LED-style pointer) on the field?
Probably just an eye protection issue like you said. I'm sure some fields just want to avoid any chance someone gets blinded on their field, so it's easier to just ban them.
Discussed a bit here...
Uhmmm I didn't know that laser is banned ..... Q? Lol so the laser scope I bought could be just a props and can't be used at games? Lol! Well maybe surgeon will allow it lol! Once we play Smile)

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