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Can someone tell me what this clip on the bottom of my Gun does?
[Image: 2hs3fq0.jpg]

I have an idea of something I want to do with it but I am sure that's not what it is meant for.
I'd imagine it's for removing or repairing the spring
King of Questions
It would probably help if you gave a wider shot of your gun and wrote what model and make it is (It's a TM G3 right?). My best guess is it's a retention clip for some sort of under mounted device, or maybe a simple pull lever to remove the handguard easier.

You might want to have this moved to the gear section, since this is more of a discussion on a piece of gear then a mod.
Wild guess: sling clip? ^^
(07-01-2011, 06:01 PM)Ycare Wrote: Wild guess: sling clip? ^^

The G3 has a forward sling mount where the sights are, although I guess it could be a second mount, but it doesn't look as stable. Looking at the blown out diagram in the manual, it is definitely a clip of some sort.
I wonder if it's for mounting a different type of bipod or for releasing something inside the handguard.
I have done some googling and can't find any reference to it.
Yeah it's weird, my G3 manual that shows what every section/piece does doesn't mention that clip, it's not even on the diagram of the gun.

The reason I posted here is I was thinking about making a gun rest and attaching it at that clip. I took the Bi-pod off because it was annoying as hell and always twisted around and seemed of little use. But I like the idea of a little light cushion bag to help with aiming.

I can't view teh original pic, but I am willing to bet you mean the clip that attaches to a genuine Hk 3 point sling. look at the clip on the hand guard in this pic...

the same clip is on the magwell of an mp5 for the same purpose.

edit* Disregard, not what i was thinking it was.
[Image: gfbsasakisan-1.gif]

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