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[FOR SALE] GingaNinga's House of Optics
This somehow got deleted, so I am reposting...
Doing a new year clean up and I realised that I have WAY TOO Many optics. So I am selling them. Slashing prices. Prices so low I must be going out of my mind... etc etc.

Here they are.
[Image: Sights.jpg]

Trijicon 3X Scope
Got with a used gun from farEast. Crack in glass (at about the 6:00 position), but still usable. Has a micro dot sight that I can attach to the top, but it has never worked, even with a new battery in it.
[Image: 3xTrijiconSold.jpg]

ACOG Dot Sight
Bought from Echigoya about 18 months ago. Still in great condition. I had trouble capturing the illumination, but it looks like this one.
[Image: TrijiconDotSold.jpg]

Elkan 249
Got this from WagonofDoom who got it from FarEast. No idea who the maker is. Described only as Elcan 249 Scope. I think it is 4 times.
[Image: ElkanScope.jpg]

T-1 Dot Site
Has 11 position illumination, a quick mount, and a kill flash.
[Image: T1DotSold.jpg]

HurricanE 556
Red and Green 10 level brightness. Front plastic protector.
[Image: 556.jpg]

G&P Dot Sight
Got from Redwolf. G&P Tan cover attached.
[Image: AimpointTanSold.jpg]

Chinese Aimpoint Replica
Got from Ebairsoft about a year ago. The dot has always been VERY weak. Even on it's brightest setting it isn't very bright. Best for indoors...although I have used it during outdoor games.
[Image: AimpointSold.jpg]

3-9 times scope with focus adjustment. Includes mounting hardware. [¥7,500]
[Image: 3-9ScopeSold.jpg]

A few things...
The two Aimpoint replicas illuminate (as shown) but the one from Ebairsoft is much lighter. Also, I have found that they don't work well with blowback guns. With both my GBB and Tokyo Marui EBB they have had some issues with flickering. I think this is caused by the blowback, so wouldn't recommend them for blowback set-ups.

Let me know if you have any questions or need any more info.
will take Trijicon 3X Scope for 1000 円 if it is still avalible.
Aliis inserviendo consumor.
Sorry Surgeon, this was grabbed when I posted it yesterday, I think you replied while I was updating the images.

Trijicon 3xScope - Held for freakobird
ACOG and ELCAN - Held for VorpalBunny
G&P Tan dot - Held for Zero
556 - Held for TeslaCorps
なるほど! got it.
Aliis inserviendo consumor.
Trijicon, ACOG, G&P, and T-1 are sold.
ELCAN available again.
Ginga, did you get rid of all this as well?
The Elcan and Hurricane are still available.

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