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[SOLD] Airsoft Smart Control Unit - Y8,000
I have a completely unused ASCU available for sale which I purchased for visual evaluation. It has never been installed into any AEG, nor plugged into any batteries. I've removed and reapplied new shrink-wrap to it.

More info about this unit here :-

In a quick summary it :-
1) provides a micro hair trigger (similar to PTS ACR's micro trigger)
2) provides full cycle completion (auto-cutoff sensor that will then stop the motor to prevent overspin)
3) Voltage protection
4) and of course, this is a FET

I bought it from Redwolf and its review is here :-
I will take one.....plz! Cool
Aliis inserviendo consumor.
Tentatively reserved for Surgeon. I'll PM u off-line for a meet.

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