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Blackhole Jan 8th-9th 2011
Anyone going to this? I'll be going to pick up my headset, wondering if anyone else is going out to check out the event. This is bigger than the Victory where there'll be 3 floors open.
Where is it and are minors allowed?
King of Questions
Minors can not enter the gun sales floor.
I was really hoping to go to this or the tokyo auto salon. Looks like I won't be back to Japan in time. When is the next Victory show?
[Image: gfbsasakisan-1.gif]
Hi Golgo,

The next V-show will be on March 23th.
i'm going, and working at nakatashoten. feel free to stop by Smile
Cool Zero. I'll stop by your store. Which floor will you be on, do you know?
ey! i wanna go check but i dont have time tomorrow. i was wondering if any of you guys could check if someone selling a PGC Prowin mechabox. i remember there is this guy who was selling it for 38,000 yen. if he still is could anyone pm me?
(07-01-2011, 02:59 PM)Zero Wrote: i'm going, and working at nakatashoten. feel free to stop by Smile

What's going on?

Why are you working at Nakatashouten?

my friend's dad is owner of nakatashoten. i like to help out there, he gives us a lot of support when it comes to junior airsofters.
I'll be there with zero, helping out the store.
Zero, didn't see you there today. Anyhow, seems smaller than previous Blackholes and not much of a sale.
sorry q, forgot to mention ill only be there on sunday.
Blackhole was okay. There were a few good deals, but a lot of booths had the same
Stuff. WAY too much Nazi gear.
Best floor was the the second one with
Union fire company. Good deals on guns and parts.
King of Questions

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