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[HELP] Need shims and motor nut change tool for my G&P M4

Hey guys,

So since I had this M4 the gearbox has been overly noisy, noisier than even my first G&P. I assumed it was just meant to be this way but once in a while it would lock in semi for no reason, which I found worrying.

So today I finally decided to re-shim it all following a quick walkthrough found on the web, and everything went fine except that the original shimming job was garbage, and that I still miss something like 2 or 3 very small washers/shims to finish the job properly.
I tried either way, the best I could, but ended up having the motor pretty much grinding its nut very quickly somehow (was already pretty badly grinded previously though), while it was still noisier and "crunchier" than normal.
I know the semi lockups and noise come from the motor not engaging well on the bevel gear, and I think it's not engaging well because of the motor already badly grinded, which in turn got like this because the shimming job was really bad in the first place.

I had bought in prevention some time ago a new "hardened" motor nut but can't remove the nut without the appropriate tool, so here are my questions:

Would any of you guys:
- Sell something like 3 spare shims, so I can finally finish a proper shimming of my M4?
- Lend me the motor nut tool to change it so I can make it work again?

I'll be at the FTT game on the 9th and the TKO game later this month, I hope someone could help me out on this, I don't really have the time to go to Echigoya nor can spare buying a whole motor changing tool right now either.

Thanks in advance!
I think I might have some shims that I bought back in the day. I will check and get back to you tomorrow.
I don't have a tool for the motor though, sorry.
No worries, I'll be fixing it step by step Wink. Just let me know letter how much you want for the shims!

Sucks being busy and poor though, I wish I could just order it all from the web Sad

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