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[WANTED] COMTAC Headset (or any other headset)

my bowman headset that i've had for 1,000 years finally broke, and I'm wanting to try out a COMTAC headset to use.

I don't need the PTT device, but if anybody has a pair of COMTAC 1, or 2's lying around, I'd be more than happy to buy it off of you Smile
Go to the expired
Sales threads. I forget who, but a guy was selling 2 headsets for a good price. I PM'd him a bit back and he said he still had them
King of Questions
i saw a radio someone was selling, but i didnt see anybody selling a radio headset. is that what u were talking about?
I have two comtac 2s.. I was using them for 6 mos. They have broken. Now I am ordering a real comtac II.
I recommend to buy real one if you want COMTAC headsets. Bowman headset better than replica Comtacs. I recommend it.
do u still have the broken ones...?
(04-01-2011, 07:34 PM)Zero Wrote: do u still have the broken ones...?

Yes, I still have two broken sets.
ill PM u kenzie
I have a real one and an element one for sale. They both work.
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