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[HELP] How To Remove Stripped Charging Handle Spring Screw
I have a receiver that I have been thinking of building or selling, but noticed today that the screw that hold the charging handle spring is gone. Does anyone know if there is a way to get this out and still keep the receiver usable?

I bought it used about a 14 months ago. I have never used the receiver or installed any parts into it so I must have bought it like this, and not knowing better at the time, didn't realise it was broken. Amazing what you learn in the course of a year or two in the sport Smile

Anyway, if anyone can suggest a fix, it would be appreciated. My guess is it's going to need a drilling.

Have Echigoya rethread it for you. Or you can rethread it yourself I'd you have the right tools.
Thanks Q,
wasn't sure if it would be that simple or not. Appreciate your help Smile
Or you can try the rubber band method, it helps with stripped screws sometimes
Thanks for that Ycare.
Not sure if you saw the image but there is no head on the screw at all, so I think drilling and rethreading is my only option Sad
You still can "remove" the headless screw. If it breaks, it means it's soft (and crappy) anyway so all you have to do is to make enough of a groove for you to put your flatbed screwdriver in. Maybe 15 mins of "grooving" is all you need to make it into a grub screw.

Look for grub screw on Wikipedia.
The screw is nearly flush with the body so there isn't much to groove. Don't want to make matters worse by trying to dig in to the screw and possibly damage the body. I will play with it some more though.
Ah sorry, I thought I saw a flathead groove in there, assumed it would still be manageable Undecided
Ah, I can see that now. I think that might be where the screw snapped, as there is a ridge on the top section of the picture which the light makes look light a flat head slot. Unfortunately not.
I actually meant "make your own groove". No harm in doing so since your plan B is to drill it out anyway. If it works, then no drilling/rethreading required. Worst case you can't make the groove, you're drilling and rethreading anyway. Take a chance.

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