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Tokyo Marui USP Batteries
[Image: USP.jpg]

My Tokyo Marui H&K USP has been in my collection longer than any of my other airsoft guns. It quickly became an indoor favourite. With a 100 round magazine, top and bottom rail adapters, and a Tokyo Marui tracer, it was usually all I needed for a quick trip to the local indoor field.

When researching the USP, I read that the regular micro battery was sluggish, and only lasted around 500 rounds. I decided to forgo the regular battery and go with a Tokyo Marui Pro-Light attached to the bottom rail. I witnessed the difference immediately when other members of my team bought their USPs and decided to go with the mini battery rather than the Pro-Light to save costs. The Pro-Light does have the obvious benefit of being a tactical light. It is easy to reach the light engagement switch. It is bright, and responsive. You will feel and hear the USP firing cycle slow when you engage the light as power is drawn away from the motor to power the light. An optional pressure switch is available for the Pro-Light, but it uses the same attachment point as the USP power adapter, so you can't use them at the same time.

There are a few issues with the Pro-Light that make it just short of perfect. The weight shifts substantial to the front when the Pro-Light is attached to the USP. This extra weight doesn't just affect the USP when it is drawn. The Pro-Light also adds bulk and size to the USP, making it difficult to holster. With the weight of the Pro-Light the USP constantly creeps deeper and deeper into a multi-holster. When you go to reach for the USP, it has often slid down too far to make a clean, quick draw.

Charging is another issue. The charger that is included with the Pro-Light drains the battery first and then charges it. The charging cycle always seems to take six hours. If the battery dies during a game it isn't going to be charged and ready any time soon. You'll have to remember to charge it the night before.

With these issues is mind, I have always been on the look out for a better battery solution for the USP. Something small enough to fit in the regular battery area inside the frame, but with enough power to keep the gun responsive and power reliable.

Yesterday I picked up a custom lipo battery build from Trigger Talk. Trigger Talk is an indoor field in North West Saitama, and happens to be where Gunsmith Baton does his repair work. I had seen the custom battery on their homepage a few times, but never bothered to try and get one because the lipo battery needed to attach to the end cap of a regular 7.4v 500mAh USP battery. I had never bought one, and though it was a waste to buy one just to hack it up. Ron was kind enough to donate a dead USP battery to me last week, and we both decided to try the lipo battery mod for the USP.

When I tested it yesterday, I immediately noticed how responsive the USP was. There was also a distinctively different sound to the gun firing. This told me it was either faster or slower than the Pro-Light. For the first time since buying my USP almost 18 months ago, I am free from that bulky, heavy Pro-Light.

If you have already invested in a lipo set up like I have, this battery makes perfect sense. I am now completely free of other battery types! I still have to try the USP for a full day to see how many rounds I get out of the lipo battery, but there are already very obvious benefits. Charging time is much faster, and the USP itself is lighter and feels better balanced.

I would highly recommend this mod / custom battery to anyone that enjoys their electric pistols, but is frustrated at the other battery options out there.

Here are the details of each battery set. I haven't included the cost of chargers unless they are specific to the battery. I have also included some brief notes on each battery type.

Tokyo Marui 7.4v 500mA Micro Battery
Cost per Battery: ¥1,890
Battery Specific Charger: ¥1,575
Adapter for Regular Charger: ¥693
Notes: At 500mAh, this battery only lasts around 500 rounds, which will be fine for a secondary weapon that you use once or twice during a full day skirmish. You will need a few if this is your primary indoor weapon.

Tokyo Marui Pro-Light
Pro-Light: ¥7,859
Under Mount Rail: ¥772
Notes: The Pro-Light comes with the charger and the battery adapter. The Pro-Light is a 7.4v 1100mAh battery, and will outlast the regular micro battery if you aren't using it as a flashlight as well. Rounds per second come in at 15 rps.

The Pro-Light Set
[Image: ProLight1.jpg]

The Adapter
[Image: ProLight2.jpg]

All Together
[Image: ProLight4.jpg]

The Connection
[Image: ProLight5.jpg]

Pro-Light Rounds Per Second
[Image: ProLightRPS.jpg]

Trigger Talk Lipo
Old Micro Battery: ¥1,890
LiPo: ¥1,500
Conversion: ¥1,050
Notes: The lipo is a very small 7.4v 350mAh 20C battery. It installs quickly and easily, much like a standard micro battery. Rounds per second come in at 17 rps.

The Lipo Set
[Image: Lipo1.jpg]

The Adapter Made From a Micro Battery
[Image: Lipo2.jpg]

Connecting Through The Opposite Side
[Image: Lipo3.jpg]

Lipo Rate of Fire
[Image: LipoRPS.jpg]

Originally posted at
Excellent work. I've been reading on ASM and Eagle6airsoft has been selling batteries for them too (but they're outta stock at the moment).

This is a video from Eagle6 :-

I received a power upgrade spring too from Eagle6 for my USP. Will try putting that in sometime & see what kinda FPS I can get out of it.
Thanks for bringing that video back to mind Q,
I saw it a long time ago, I think before Richard even became Eagle6 Smile
I wasn't running lipo in my other guns at the time, and wasn't really excited about removing the outer barrel and doing the rewiring myself.
Looking back at that video, he has a HUGE rate of fire with an 11.1v 800mA battery! Impressive.

I think the biggest benefit of the Trigger Talk version is that you don't have to do anything to the gun itself. It is plug and gun, so if you ever want to go back to the old batteries, or sell the gun, it isn't hacked up Smile

Here is a link to their original blog post about this mod.

In their initial design they had to do some modifications to the gun, but not with their current version.

I am not sure what the plug is called. Maybe best described as a micro tamiya.

I might look at getting the eagle6 spring. I wonder how pushing the harder spring will affect battery time?

Looking forward to your chrono reports.
Let me know if I can provide anymore details about this battery set-up.
If you're interested, you can have my Eagle6 AEP spring. Right now modding my USP is low on my priority list. If I can work out how to AB-FET (or at least FET) my USP then maybe I'll up the priority.
If you don't mind I might take you up on the offer.
i have been using the USp for about 18 months and it is in need of some maintenance, so I might add the spring and a tight bore barrel.

What is the benefit of the AB-FET? Is it something you should do with all Lipo batteries, or is it just a personal preference?

Thanks again.
Well the FET for a better trigger response, the AB just since we play semi-auto games it'll be for a fully decompressed spring on storage or in-between firing.
Just a quick question, but will this battery work with the Glock 18c AEP also?
I think so. I think the glock uses the same micro battery as the USP.
Drifter - Check out the following, they look like providing a battery work for GLOCK 18C.
(08-01-2011, 01:08 AM)RON Wrote: Drifter - Check out the following, they look like providing a battery work for GLOCK 18C.

Thanks RON! Defiantly something I'm gonna consider, but I'm gonna see how this works out after I field it once. Still, looks like a very interesting option.
Sorry to revive this thread, but I wanted to post a quick update...

Originally you had to supply a regular battery for Trigger Talk to do the mod for the battery, but you can now buy it as is.

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