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Begadi & Helikon internet stores
Hi guys,

Has anyone ever used these sites to buy gear from?



Has anyone ever had any experience of their products, they are super cheap so obviously quality will be poor but is it money down the drain?
I dont have the money to get the real crye precision stuff!


Never heard of them.
Might be a risk.

I bought my first set of multicam stuff from ebay banned.

They fit small though, so I would order a size larger and wear a belt.

The pants were to small for me so I sold them to ThunderMidget, who is now looking at getting a real pair of the pants.
As a starter set it is a great value and 80.00 US and free shipping.
As for the Begadi, I've never heard this. But they seem to ship item via DPD.
DPD is an inconvenience shipment for us (living in Japan).
hi guys,

yeah i did some more snooping and the site might be dodgy - i found one or 2 more similar sites registered under the same woman/address and a comment on another airsoft site (i forget which now cos i just googled for reviews)! so i will be stearing clear of them.

Begadi seem real so far, but Kenzie why is DPD inconvenient for Japan?.

Ginganinja - Thanks for the link, i might try them and thanks for the size advice - i am quite broad chested and often have issues with t-shirts being too tight under the arms!

also the TMC force recon plate carrier vest looks cool - do you know anything about it? quality?
When I first got into airsoft I bought the CIRS vest from them at the same time as the shirt and vest. For 110 bucks it seemed perfect for what I needed. After using it two or three times (maybe even once) I realised it was just too heavy. I sold it to Psycho, after warning him, and he tried it two or three times and moved on to something lighter. It became a prop for a few TKO games, but I haven't seen it for a while, so maybe it was even too heavy for that Smile

KiwiGlen, another member here on TKO, bought the same vest, and he moved on after three or four wears as it was too heavy.

For reference I am talking about this one here...

Unless you are going for a particular feel, or really enjoy carrying around extra weight and sweating ten out of 12 months of the year, I would suggest something lighter and without the cumberband. Games here usually aren't long enough to warrant carrying more than 4 or 5 mags, and the low drag, hi speed of an MBSS or RRV will make your game much more fun. Some people like having their camelbak on their vest, but I always find time to get a drink between games.

Here are links to what I am referring to...
This is the RRV that I have

Here is an MBSS

The nice thing about the RRV set up is that it is open back, so you can use it in the hotter months and get a bit more air in there. When it starts to cool down you can add a back section or a back pack. The front chest area also folds down and out of the way if you just want a chest rig.

After having searched for and used a heavy CIRAS, the lighter RRV, a bandoleer, and a belt system, my favourite and most used is the bandoleer. I can carry four to six extra mags on the front with FastMags double stacked, and have a secure spot for my radio on the back. I use my best on really hot days when I want to be as quick as possible, and run 4 extra mags on the belt.

I use the RRV for my PMC load-out, but always seem to pack the bandoleer instead.

Part of the fun for me has been trying different set-ups to find the one that works best, so I would encourage you to do the same, but if you are looking for an almighty solution that works well in Japan, than an RRV might be a good way to go. Enjoy
thanks GN for some wisdom on the subject! the extra weight might be good for my flab fighting actually, but summer time will be a problem. I have played 2 days so far and they have been to 20min diff scenario type games, good fun and plenty of rest between sessions to recover but hmmm do i want to carry an extra 3 kg around for basically no reason? will need to ponder this.

thanks again for your detailed responeses
Good choice about this :-

bummer - cant see your link Q as it is requesting i log in/register!
It was listed as a "rip-off" and low quality. That's ok, U're avoiding it for other reasons anyway.
As for the DPD, it was worse than that of the other courier. They are cheaper fee but... sometimes we cannot track on the website.
It is my experience of the past.
cool thanks kenzie,

in fact - thanks to everyone for your comments and help. i rekon i'll just go with ginganina's idea and get a multicam set from ebairsoft as it is cheap, all season. i'm still thinking about the chest plate stuff tho - i really like the styles and customisability of the plate carrier as i am left-handed..but the weight/heat issue is still up for debate for summer.............
ebay banned is probably a better bet than the sites you mentioned.
As a side note, all of the options I listed have the same MOLLE versatility as a plate system, so being left or right handed shouldn't make a difference. I initially had the same thought as you about having a heavier set-up as a way to increase my "work-out" on the field. At the end of the day though, I ended up moving slower. When I am getting shot at or trying to push hard on an objective, the last thing I am worried about is a work-out Smile

Anyway, I am sure you will get what best suits your needs.
Let us know what you end up with.

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