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[SOLD] Tokyo Marui Desert Warrior, Night Warrior
Hi Guys,
I have been slowly selling off my unused kit. I think it is safe to say I got a bit carried away over the last 18 months Smile

Here are 2 very nice, well cared for Tokyo Marui gas blow back pistols. I really like both of them, and they work great.

Desert Warrior 4.3 - 10,000
Comes with the gun and one magazine.
No upgrades or mods.

[Image: DWSold.jpg]

Night Warrior 5.1 - 10,000
Comes with the gun and one magazine
No Upgrades or mods.

[Image: NWSold.jpg]

The Desert Warrior and Night warrior can swap slides if you are going for a two-tone look Smile

[Image: 2ToneSold.jpg]

Both of the Warrior pistols have the lower rail, I just happened to take the pictures when I was swapping slides.

All prices are firm.
Thanks folks.
I like the look of the Night Warrior, but I'm way over budget this month-_-

Maybe If it's still around laterSleepy
i think iknow someone who would want g18... hang on, ill let ya know.
OK Zero, let me know when you hear back.
is the serpa just a regular hip serpa holster?
Hey Zero,
Hope you had a nice Christmas and New Year

The holster is this set but in tan.


You can get a CQC plate to mount it to MOLLE gear.

A quick reminder that I can't sell to a minor (under 18).
PM me for details if you need more info.
thanks. yes, hes not aminor.but, it turns out he bought one over winter break ginga, sorry.
Cool, no worries.
Hope he/she enjoys it.
Both the Night and Desert Warriors have been sold.
I have decided to hold on to the G18C.
Mods please feel free to move to the completed thread.

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