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[COMPLETED] Mini sale from RON
I'm selling the following items to sort out my airsoft baskets.
The prices are negotiable and I'll answer if you'll ask me any questions.
Please let me know if you're interested in.
  • Metal mesh half face mask( TAN ) Y1,000 [SOLD]
  • Metal mesh half face mask( BK ) Y1,000 [SOLD]
Ron - I'll take the mesh mask.
psycho - You're welcome! I'm holding it for you.
Can I ask you to hold the USP for me for 24 hours? A friend of mine might want it, but I need to contact him. Thanks.
-GingaNinga Hold it for your friend and PMed.
TM H&K USP & holster were released again!
My appologies guys, but give me a chance to cancel the sale of USP set, please.

Now I got the info about very interesting mod to this one and am planning on doing that in near future.
I am hesitating to get the vest actually... that's a pretty good price...
Nobody else wants it?
take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night."
-madmax First come, first served! Now hold it for you.
Now the vest was released!
The vest was now sold.
Added TAN mask Y1,000.
Hi Ron, I'll take the tan mask also.
psycho - I know this is not de javu. OK, hold the tan mask too for you!
LOL yeah - they aren't for me - some of my friends want em.

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