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Victory show Dec. 19th(Sun)
VINTAGE Military events information for Japan Sam's Militariya
"VICTORY SHOW"The Victory show is a small sales event exclusively organized by Sam's Militariya. With over 150 dealers attending the show, you can be sure that this event has a lot of authentic and interesting items for all customers. All prospective dealers should book in advance by contacting us. Please view our dealers order form online for booth and payment details. All overseas dealers can make payments directly to Sam's militariya at the event.

Date: Dec 19th (Sun)
Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan industry & trade Hamamatsu-chou hall 4F
Open :AM 10:30 ~ PM 5:00
Admission : 500 yen(Under 12year olds Admission Free)
Location: JR Yamanote-line Hamamatsu-Chou station / 10 minute walk.
Event Type: Military antiques, Collectors items

Yes I'll be there :-

(also in the link above, there's also a military market thing in Kanda - tomorrow).
Ah! You already posted thatBig Grin

We will go to other event which you posted too.

It seems that it is in Akihabara.
Would you guys do me a huge favor and see if they have a cheap low
Power ACOG-like scope(2x,3x,4x) or Marushin 8mm m712 GBB magazines? I'd pay you!

Going to Germany tomorrow so I can't go.
King of Questions
Thanks for heads-up, for good or bad I'll be playing at Village1 that day. Have a nice shopping for yourself, guys!
The show was pretty crowded, I'm somewhat surprised 'cos they had one only back in Sept (and usually the 2nd being so near wouldn't be that packed). Anyhow, the highlights would have been Tokyo Marui's stand, where everyone was giving the PX4 & SCAR-L a shot. Nice kick but somehow I feel the SCAR didn't kick as hard as the Sopmod...I could be wrong. The PX4 felt nice but still a little too polymer-ish feel (there's BHI Serpa holsters for these available too but in black and for right-handers).

Other highlights were RS Elcan SpecterDR for approx Y385,000 -> Y400,000, PVS-14s, etc. Before anyone asks, no I didn't buy one ;-). I did pick up a pair of ESS ICE3 for Y6,000 which is reasonable but not exceptionally cheap.

I did my fav Korean comms guys (who sold me the TCI throat mic last time) and looks like they can help me mod my Invisio finally.
I also went to there with Shu yesterday.
We were not able to discover you Big Grin

We didn't buy anything at there...


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