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[FOR SALE] Fiberglass Airsoft mask
        I have 5 more of these masks in my stock.
these are Fiberglass mask. they are very strong and lightweight.
we are using mesh.
the paint does not chip off.
These are made in Philippines, same maker of the masks that are in
im selling these for 4500 yen. it usually cost 89$ plus shipping.
Size may not fit bigger faces.

PM me if your interested.

[Image: wesley2012.jpg]

[Image: wesley2018.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0754.jpg]

oh and for some of you guys whom ive played with last time. what do you guys think of this mask?
I think it looked badass. I really liked the black and red design you were rocking. Looked like a nice product.
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"
I was also impressed at quality of your selfmade mask. I'm wondering whether you'll receive customising orders like your impressive dragon buckle you used in the last game.
cheers for the comment guys! i appreciate it. just need to finish a few more details and a better paint job. then i will have it manufactured by march.
@ Ron- yeah i can do pesonalized custom projects but it can be quite pricy. but if your planning to order like 20 or so it can go cheap.
Hmm... do you mean personalised that it is personalised in the factory? or you are the one who did it?
and during the december 5th game, I saw you wearing the mask with glass instead of mesh. Is it possible to change the mesh to sturdy clear plastic?
Hi Ace5kills. i designed, and made it. i send a copy to a manufacturer in Philippines and get it manufactured for mass production. yes its lens and it has micro fans inside. check my new design!
Hey wezley Smile you a Pilipino? I'm a Pilipino by the way Smile nice business you got there Smile got a couple of guys from the phil who play airsoft that's why I got into the game Smile I'm just lazy waiting for an order in the phil + the shipping Smile)
@marco, cool! you bought a mask in phil?
Nope I haven't had the time plus I don't want any trouble in the airport lol ! But I have contacts with the FAS forum I think they can export and rifle in phil is so cheap .... And I envy them with the no limitation joule although in every event I think rifle is allowed until 500+ fps and 600+ for sniper rifle ... Here it's a waste to have a sniper rifle .....And oh yeah my cousin sent me my multi cam bought it inside the military camp Smile
[Image: 001.jpg]

[Image: DC02009.jpg]

[Image: maskpads019.jpg]

[Image: maskbattery002-1.jpg]

[Image: maskdevtac009.jpg]

[Image: maskbattery008.jpg]

[Image: maskbattery006.jpg]

The Mask’s frame was carefully designed and contoured from a life size human head model and would fit most Sizes. Human cranial structure may vary so we have a clearing of 1cm from all sides which gives enough space for padding. The frame is made out of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics made in Japan. Our frames are also FLEX rubber, Carbon Fiber and Kevlar ready. We can also have special orders for sizes. It is very strong and can withstand most aggressive impacts. 280g 2-3mm thick.
The Masks comes in 3 simple colors which are Olive Drab, Tan, and black. We can also accept customization and special orders.
The main feature of this mask is our Patent Pending Lens Frame. The lens frame are made from hard Polystyrene plastics which is very light and durable and carefully engineered for aerodynamics in air circulation. Its design is absolutely unique which houses a Patented Micro Jet Fan, that prevents the lens from fogging up. Its vents are designed to smoother air intake. 17.2g each frame with fan. Its peripheral view is about 160 degrees left and right.
The mask has 2 built in micro jet fan in each lens frames DC1.1 ~ 1.7V (Typ: DC1.5V), Size: 10mmφ . The micro jet fans are very quiet it is powered by 3 AAA batteries for economical and practical use. It is also operated by 1 fan speed dial to give the wearer better air regulation. Batteries running time at low power is 6 hours and at full is 2 hours. Each fans are easy to detach for cleaning and maintenance. The wirings are covered with elastic shrink tube.
The Lens are replaceable and screwed into the frames. It comes in different colors and variety. We can Provide ordinary Polycarbonate 2mm Lens which can withstand even the most ridiculous airsoft FPS. And we also have NXT.
The pads are washable and detachable which uses Velcro. The pads are made of aero foams which is highly breathable.
The straps are elastic and comes with 6 lock sets for easy access.
The back plates comes in a number of different designs. 60-80 g. custom hand design .
Microscopic security mark.

Guys! im ready to sell these
Im also looking for partners or investors for future projects, I have registered the business under Devtac co. inc. Japan under my brothers name. hope you guys could help me out.
what do you guys think?
Hey Wezley,
Congrats! Looks like you and partners put a great deal of R&D into the mask.

As for the video, my constructive feedback would be to reshoot it in landscape rather that portrait mode. Too much real estate is lost when vids get shot on portrait. I would like to see you out and about with the mask somewhere so that it can be seen in it's natural environment. Lastly, I would try and have some talking points on a screen or off camera so that you can go back to them. The other option would be top do what NutnFancy does and just put the talking points infront of the viewer.

An awesome project.
Maybe we can make a custom one that I can use with prescription glasses.
Thanks! ginga! i truly appreciate the comment! honestly, if did have time, my video camera with me and also some help i would have done just exactly what your suggesting. and to add up to the frustration i was just using my iphone with this one! haha!.

as for the custom one, lets work on that soon!
That mask looks SICK!!! Have you got any with more ventilation around the nose and mouth area? I'm looking for one with all-mesh around the nose and mouth... By the way, around how much will the mask cost?

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