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Tokyo Marui Foliage Warrior
Hello! This is my first review, so bare with me, and give me feedback!

The Tokyo Marui Foliage Warrior is a very cool gun (IMO). it is pretty much a "re-skinned" Desert Warrior.
I don't own any other pistols, so comparisons will be hard.

Looks: It is essentially a modified MEU with a shorter barrel and a rail mount under the barrel. Because of its reduced size it is easy to carry/conceal. Obviously it's green and has camo grips. There are also numerous ridges and notches on the grip and slide to make it easier to hold and load. The skeleton trigger and hammer further add to an alredy modern look.

Feeling: It feels very comfortable in my hands, It's nicely weighted and "feels right".
But, I am a 6"2.5' american that weighs in at around 200 lbs, I am a big guy! The custom grips on the side of the gun feel a little wider than they should be, so someone with small hands might have trouble getting their hands around this gun. The trigger feels like it has the right amount of resistance. Chambering a BB feels and sounds awesome.

Features: This gun takes standard MEU mags, so you dont need to waste time hunting down specialist magazines. They also hold quite a few BBs (28 I think). It's safety mechanism is very nice and pretty unique.

Shooting: I used this gun at cimax with HFC134 gas last month and I was pretty impressed. While the accuracy is pretty good, the BBs seem to travel pretty far (in comparison to the Maruzen ppk and p99 I also used). When I went it was an average November day, aka, it was pretty cold.
The gun still managed to get its whole clip out with one fill of gas, and I was able to reuse the same clip without refilling the gas for about 35 more rounds. I assume that means that the valves are pretty dang efficient.
As for RoF, the whole time I was firing off bbs in little bursts of three, at one point emptying my clip for fun at the shooting range. The bursts were fine, but when I shot off the whole clip as fast as possible, it stopped firing BBs and clouds of gas were visible coming out of the slide.
I find this problematic as it seemed to be working fine, but no BBs were firing. This wouldve been really bad for me had it happened during a game. I had no idea anything was wrong until I aimed it at the ground and fired, frowning as no impact was
Visible. The ppk just stopped firing when it "overcooled", so it was obvious when I needed to slow down.
So don't fire this gun as fast as you can unless you need to, as it'll only get through the first 20 bbs or so.

Looks: a modern take on a classic gun with a cool color scheme
Feeling: well-weighted, short, a little wide for those with tiny hands
Features: everything is where it should be, parts are easily available
Shooting: Accuracy 7/10
Range 8/10
RoF 8/10
Shooting total: 23/30
Total score: 52/60
Or an 86% B+

Conclusion: the main problem was the accuracy, but it's a pistol, so accuracy isnt why you'd buy it. It's a cool looking, cool feeling gun that will probably last a long time due to it's Tokyo Marui origin. And a great deal for around ¥12,000!
I recommend it to anyone looking for a cheaper pistol that doesn't skimp on quality!

(pictures soon)

King of Questions
just got mine at akabane sale. this pistol is indeed awesome!!!
King of Questions

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