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[COMPLETED] TM AUG, sniper scope, rails, prices reduced. OBO
I found the top bolt for the AUG rail!

13,000 for AUG, battery, 2 80bb standards and 1 180bb midcap
Comes with a sling
And if you pull on it, the outer barrel slides off.
This only happens if you grab the barrel and pull though, i recommend gluing it in even
again, i found the AUG rail bolt, so no more wiggling

OBO, but don't be cheap
700 tokyo marui barrel rail set thing (7 slots)

4,000 for 3x-9x adjustable zoom sniper scope (with mount rails)

10,000 for MP7a1, with a 50bb mag and a 180bb hicap mag
1,500 for scope mount (SOLD)

1,500 for red dot (SOLD)

2,000 for MP7a1/oversized pistol holster
King of Questions
please buy
King of Questions
Do you know the muzzle velocity of those guns?
The Aug has somewhere around 82 m/s I think. Brand new ones have about 87 m/s so 82 sounds about right. It's pretty accurate and has nice range though, probably because it has one of the longest inner barrels of all Tokyo Marui guns! Its 10cm longer than the m14, yet the whole gun is much shorter!

The MP7's m/s is somewhere around 74 m/s, but its range is pretty short because it's barrel is short. It's still pretty accurate and its RoF is good so I think it'd make a great secondary
( holster so you can hold it!)

They are both two really cool looking guns (IMO)
King of Questions
is the scope mount a 1 inch scope diameter scopemount?
sorry, ive been forgetting to update this.
Sorry ansel, but the scope and mount are taken
and someone is interested in the MP7
King of Questions
prices changed again.
thread name changed
King of Questions
Hey, i am interested in the AUG... is it possible to ship to fukuoka?
Do you ever come to Tokyo or go to cimax?
(11-01-2011, 12:59 AM)wanderer87sg Wrote: Hey, i am interested in the AUG... is it possible to ship to fukuoka?
Sorry man, but fukuoka is too far for me. Do you know if you're ever coming to Tokyo or if someone could act as an intermediary/middleman?
King of Questions
Sent you a PM about the MP7
King of Questions
So yeah, everything except the red dot and mount is still available. I'm sort of open to swaps, so PM me if you want to work something out! Smile
King of Questions
Cleaned up the post, changed the title, marked items sold.
I'm now accepting offers, so make 'em!
King of Questions
sorry, forgot this was still posted, a good friend bought it, so imma just gonna mark this as completed
King of Questions

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