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[FOR SALE] Multicam Gear for sale
I've got misc wear/gear for sale. Multicam are all real except for the last Guarder fake multicam belt :-

1) Tactical Performance Real MC BDU (Retail Y34,230) - Y15,000
- medium/regular size
- will sell top/bottom BDU set only
- worn twice only
- no wear on elbow/knee pads
[Image: P1000917.JPG][Image: P1000918.JPG][Image: P1000919.JPG][Image: P1000920.JPG][Image: P1000921.JPG][Image: P1000922.JPG]

2) Tactical Performance Real MC BSV Vest (Retail Y61,950) - Y25,000
- worn twice only
[Image: P1000923.JPG][Image: P1000924.JPG]

3) TheVestGuy Real MC P90 Dump Pouch New/Unused (Retail USD$50) - Y2,000
[Image: P1000925.JPG][Image: P1000927.JPG]

4) Condor Real MC P90 Single Pouches New/Unused (Retail Y3,990) - Y1,500

5) TheVestGuy Real MC P90 Double Leg New/Unused (Retail USD$55) - Y2,000

6) Condor Leg Platform New/Unused (Retail Y7,140) - Y4,000
[Image: P1000928.JPG]

7) Condor Hydration Pack Used (Retail Y??) - Y2,000
[Image: P1000930.JPG]

8) Agressor Group Duty Belt Multicam New/Unused (Retail Y5,250) - Y2,500
- 2.12" thickness
[Image: P1000931.JPG]

9) Magpul PTS Green Label 20rds PMAG - Y500/each
[Image: P1000932.JPG]

10) VFC 300rds Magazine for VFC M4 / HK416 / SCAR L (Tan) - Y1,000/each
- 2xmags left
[Image: P1000933.JPG]

11) Guarder Fake Multicam Belt 1.5" - Y1,500
[Image: P1000935.JPG]

12) New Condor Cap - Y1,500
[Image: P1020562.JPG]

13) Tru Spec H2O ECWCS top in Medium Regular - This goes for Y24,000 in Phantom and Y20,000 in Yahoo Auction - Y10,000 or best offer
[Image: ECWCS1.jpg]
[Image: ECWCS2.jpg]
do u have more pics of the second multicam pl8 carrier? can u resxerv? im pretty ineterseted
Mine or just the Condor PC in general? I don't have any other pics of it if it's just a general (which you can find on google), but if you want my Condor specifically, yes I can take more pics if needed.
so the Condor Module Operator Plate Carrier above is a picture from google?
All pictures above are mine.
1) Condor Module Operator PC sold.
2) TP BDU held for xxtoooboooxx
3) TP BSV vest dropped from Y45,000 -> Y35,000
Updated with Tru Spec H2O EWCS (Gen 2 I believe).
TP BDU released and is available for sale again. xxtoooboooxx never got back to me.
Hi All, thought I'd give my for sale a bump and I've revised and reduced pricing on all the items.

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