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Highlights on Policy Changes and Clarification on some of the Rules
I haven't thought out how to re-org the misc information so I'm arbitrarily creating a new thread and later slice/dice on how to incorporate the info into the policies thread.

1) Admin Fee waived: As you all may have noticed in last month's game, TKO has now waived the admin fee. What you pay is the field costs. Any misc amenities like balloons, batteries for the bomb (yes I remembered from November's game Wink) will be fronted by TKOSOC. Of course members a welcome to donate if you so wish to.

2) Rule Clarification: No False HIT calls (or pretending to be hit). This is somewhat common sense for standard 15 min games however this applies to the campaign games too (such as the Spy/Assassin mission). Let's be sportsman like. TKOSOC won't be able to spell out every rule of what you can and can't do but you'll have to use your own judgment on what's fair play and what's not. I know there will be members who will find loopholes and test the limits of the rules. Please approach TKOSOC first before trying it out.

3) Rule Clarification: Medic Role reminder :-
a) You cannot ask the injured to come to you
b) You can only heal the injured twice (one band per arm)
c) Players healed twice return to base to respawn AND return arm bands there

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