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[COMPLETED] TKO: Union U-Box Indoor 26th February 2011

Event: TKO private game
Location: Union Indoor (U-Box)
Date: Saturday 26th February 2011

Note: Max 20! First come first served!


Sign-up Here:


U-Box Union Website:

Gates / ゲート: 08:00 ~ 19:00
Games / ゲーム: 08:30 ~ 18:30 (STRICT 'cos there's Night players later!)
Price / 料金: JPY 5,000 per person? Maybe someone can help interpret the price (
Lunch / 昼: JPY 500


Rental (Reservation Needed) / レンタル装備料金 (要予約)
・AEG / 電動ガン 2,500円/1日
・BDU / 迷彩服 ジケット/パンツ 各1000円
・Goggle / ゴーグル・フェイスガード付 500円
・Boots and hat rental not available / 靴及び帽子のレンタルは扱っておりません

For sale at Field / フィールドで販売
・Bio BB / バイオBB 弾 0.2/0.25g/ JPY 1,000

Address: Chiba-ken, Inzai-shi, Hiraka 2470 (千葉県印西市平賀2470)
Access Map / アクセス:
Google Maps:

TKO Rules:
For Newcomers :
For English Rules :



Sign-up Here:

I'm afraid to say, but I ended up giving up this because of a class for getting a license. My apologies.
5000 yen is a little pricy... umm is it possible that its gona go cheaper?
Nope. It's indoor. For those who are unfamiliar with indoor games, Union indoor fields tend to rent out at morning sessions, and afternoon sessions separately. That's why it's so expensive.
When you guys do go, could someone take pictures and some footage? i'm really considering of booking U-Box out later. thanks.
Hi guys,

This is our next game...there's 8 signups so far. Will need minimum 10. I know this is an expensive one (but then again most indoors are). Let's try to get this game going.

Come on guys! There is no such thing as "enough airsoft" Big Grin
I would love to help out but this date is our 4th Wedding Anniversary..

I would put this day up at the ASTIG.1521 HQ though, see if some will be interested..
On torch, priorities man.
I mean seriously, what is more
Anniversary with the woman you love?
Or dressing up with a bunch of guys and playing with toy guns?

King of Questions
i hope this game is not semi auto!
easy for you to say with that big full face helmet of yours Smile
haha! ill be more than happy to make masks for you guys!
Sorry everyone, I'm not a huge fan of indoor games, and the price makes the decision not to go easy. See you at the FTT game or in March at Forest Union.
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"
sorry guys, my gang from hamamatsu arent coming. they found a game site in yaizu. and i might go with them too.
Is that Special Force in yaizu that your guys are thinking of going to?
I found a video of it here...

As compared to U-Box

U-Box looks awesome!
Just sayin Smile

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