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[OVER QUOTA-ED: SIGNUPS CLOSED] TKO: Battle City Union 29th January 2011
If Wired can make it 44 then adding me, Thundermidget and Ginga makes it 47. I have no other friends (actually I have no friends fullstop) but Ginga is trying to get Junya and Ryo which would make 49. Looks like we are getting close.
ExclamationRight in the clacker!
Cheers. Anarchy just called up BCU to see if they're willing to negotiate but they are not budging an inch. We asked :-

1) can we book A+B and pay Y3,000 if we close to 50? NO.
2) can we book A+B and pay Y150,000 even though we have less than 50 (i.e. each player pays between Y3,000 -> Y4,000)? NO.
3) can we book A & B under different names & they open up the divider netting? NO.

So TKO can only fall back to the field rules no matter how illogical they are. As discussed with Anarchy, I'm sad to say that for us to book the B field (if it remains available), we must have 50 minimum confirmed.

Starting from this Saturday 22nd Jan '11) TKOSOC will treat the signup sheet as the confirmed list. For those who did sign up please check with your guests if they are going to make it or not..

If we can do this quickly we can book the B field before some other team does.
just putting out there but how much does BCU suck with their payment system for full field?! If you rock up with 49 they make you pay 294,000 total yet 1 more person and they charge you 150,000 total. That is lame! Which means if we end up with more than 50 signed up and then some people don't show we are faced with either 6000 per head or 45+ people on half a field in the arvo and less space in the morning.
ExclamationRight in the clacker!
Going a little OT but sadly, Splash has the same policy :-(. At least Splash was nice to say "But if no one books the other field on your game day, you can go ahead and use the other field". NO such offer from BCU.

But yes, in short, they haven't given much thought about their pricing plans at all. Not to mention when we raised up this "oversight" with them, they still stand by their rules even though it's illogical. For the rest of my opinion, I'm happy to PM you offline ;-).
That's a bummer. Thanks for trying though. I really want to play full field here.
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"
Add 2 more to my last count. I think we can reach 50.
Team PAIN Japan - Blackwind
Kenya (RON's guest in the signup sheet) will not be able to make it. Therefore, if my count is correct so far (47 - 1/Kenya) is 46. With Thunder/Ginga/Roo we're at 49. Ginga has another 3 in his pocket unconfirmed (J/R/H).

We're close but little buffer. Once again, please check if your visitors are dependable.
For now my guests are all confirmed Q. I updated my sign up info just a while ago.
Team PAIN Japan - Blackwind
We're going to make it! Wooooowwww!!!!
Sorry guys, 1 of my guests said something came up and he cannot come.
Team PAIN Japan - Blackwind
Sorry,I am not doing well after coming back to Japan from U.S.. So I won't come.
I'll be attend the game if my health will recover.
Hi guys,

Back from Niseko. Just checking on this, it seems we've got 42 ppl only (I know on the sheet it counts to 43, but I think RON hasn't had a chance to take Kenya's name out yet), so don't think we can make that 50.

Crossing our fingers, if the B field remains unbooked, hopefully Anarchy/RON/Psycho can negotiate with the Union owners on the day itself to open up the field to us but don't hold your heads up high. Splash owners have done that courtesy to us in the past but don't know if Union will be that flexible.

I'm really sorry guys, but after the trip to the U.S. I've been suffered from a flu. A doctor told me that I must rest for five days at least and it unfortunately includes Saturday, then I ended up giving up this. Just removed myself & a guest from the sign-up sheet.
Take care of yourself RON!
(25-01-2011, 03:46 PM)Ycare Wrote: Take care of yourself RON!

I'll second that, health comes first. Looks like we'll miss the mark, but I'm still looking forward to seeing the field.

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