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We've never really announced who the TKOSOC members are so in a recent change of members, some have suggested putting up who the TKOSOC names so that the rest of TKO will know who to approach.

1) Anarchy
- 4 yrs experience in Airsoft
- a closet vocal
2) Psycho
- almost a year's experience in Airsoft but years experience in Paintball
- semi vocal
3) Reaper
- More than 5 years experience in Airsoft?
- completely mute
4) RON
- ?? years experience in Airsoft
- newest TKOSOC (welcome)
5) Q - Sean Chan
- ~5 years experience in Airsoft
- extremely vocal

TKOSOC discusses the rules, policies, and guidelines to TKO run games. We also organise games naturally, and in general promote Airsoft in Japan.

If you have any questions, and/or suggestions, you're more than welcome to any of the TKOSOC members. We cannot guarantee we will implement your suggestions but we will definitely discuss them.
I've been playing airsoft for almost a year. Before becoming one of the vocals, I have to take a voice training Big Grin

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