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Tokyo Marui RECCE Release Date Announced

The Tokyo Marui Recce release date has been announced, and will be hitting Japanese retailers on the 29th of November.

The RECCE features...
- 100% CNC Licensed DD front rail.
- adjustable (removable) outer barrel (12 or 16 inch)
- Free floating outer barrel
- 315mm (12 inch) inner barrel

Shares aluminum die-cast body, battery, mags, etc, with SOPMOD version.

Will retail in Japan for about 44,000 yen
Wow, is it a new thing for TM to make metal AEGs? That starts sounding good if they do!
And they are starting their lineup of licensed products. I already preordered mine so we'll see.
I won't lie, I am might just have early Christmas and get me one. I didn't realize they had full licensed the rail from DD, until I saw it on their website last night. It is a fine looking gun.
I think the Shiki 89 was the first metal receiver by TM. All of the new gen M4 are aluminum die cast receivers and rail systems (when appropriate, SOPMOD, CQB-R). They are an awesome system, but some people have still had problems with the aluminum being weak. I think this is limited to people doing constant modding...

I have had two, and have enjoyed them both. they are also gaining wider after market support from Laylax and other HK parts makers, so it is a good time to jump on board. I have it from good authority that a member of my team will be selling a SOPMOD when the SCAR comes out Smile
The only turn off I have with the Recce is that it only shoots at 750 - 850 rpm as opposed to the regular 850 - 950 rpm... which is causing me to lean more over to getting a SCAR...
(21-11-2010, 05:01 PM)lifes26 Wrote: And they are starting their lineup of licensed products. I already preordered mine so we'll see.

could you have a mini review - or atleast a couple of pix and what not of the Mk12 wehn you get it? id love to see it.
Caved in, early Christmas for me:

[Image: IMG_0059.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0061.jpg]

Better photos and impressions to come.
Awesome. Are we going to see that on Sunday, Drifter?
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"
Don't leave it on the train this time.
Haha! That would be hilarious. Not for Chris though.
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"
(29-11-2010, 05:48 PM)Q Wrote: Don't leave it on the train this time.

I will handcuff the bag to my arm seeing how much this damn thing cost me Tongue

Anyhow, really nice gun so far. Not sure any who already has SOPMOD based recoil gun needs to get this one too, it's still basically that gun, much like the other variants have been. The biggest additions would have to be the great 10 inch rail handguard, and the ability to extend the barrel a bit. Slapped on a few things already, probably end up swapping the default grip tomorrow. Here are some more pics.

[Image: Recce2.jpg]

[Image: Recce3.jpg]

[Image: Recce4.jpg]

[Image: Recce1.jpg]

[Image: Recce5.jpg]

[Image: Recce6.jpg]
Yes I have to admit, I didn't see anything special about the RECCE, then realised that over a year ago I built something that was almost the same (but with a 9" DD instead of 10").
That's pretty nice! How's the weight with such a long RIS? Not too front heavy yet?
I also picked up two recce's yesterday, compliments of my friend.

[Image: recce1.jpg]

After scavenging accessories from my other guns here it is now:

[Image: recce2.jpg]

It is firing 92-93 m/s stock. I guess I won't be doing any internal upgrades on this one for now.

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