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TM G36C triple M (MadMaxMod)
Dude, just forget the TM mags, get Magpul or Chinese copies, they're cheap, most of the time compatible with every M4 receiver AEG, you'll be able to have a decent collection of mags for 5,000 yen max if you go Chinese, Magpul being a little more than that...

Then you'll be able to use your M4 mags for both guns, much easier than two sets of mags to carry around!
Ycare, I think he has a next Gen M4, which isn't compatible with regular M4 mags...unless you get the bb feeder piece, but then you lose the bolt function, etc.

Although using M4 mags with the G36 is a good idea as they are much easier to carry than the G36 mags.
Ahhh, so you mean new TM M4 has a new system for the feeding? That's a pain, there goes my interest in TM's new M4 Sad

Yes, as Ginga said, I have a new version of TM M4, and the mags seem to be different that the previous one.
They don't fit any of the G36C M4 mag adapters I have bought (Classic Army and BattleAxe).

I will see if I can get 3 Magpull M4 mags next time I go to HK as they are definitely easier to carry (and used stuff there costs almost nothing anyway) around than the standard G36 mags (The G36C mags don't fit the M4 mag pouches, which is "a pain in the pouch"!), but the idea of sharing the same mags for both guns just won't work.
take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night."
arent there going to be 3rd party next gen TM mgas coming out in February because TM is exporting all of their latest stuff?
I haven't heard anything about this. Do you have a link, I would be curious to read more about it.
In the HyperDouraku Vid of the SCAR-L and Recce Rifle they show that they're going to sell all of their new products to China, US, and all around the world in February, so i'm just predicting that there will be 3rd party magazines as soon as they get exported. In the background you can see that black banner that says that they'll be exporting their stuff - i think...
That's interesting, i hadn't picked up on that.
I can't make out the kanji really well, but I think it might be stating that it is licensed in those countries, which would follow in line with this recent press release from madbull...

"Madbull Airsoft will also begin to work with more than 20 US Firearm companies for “Operation Copycat” an international operation to combat all unauthorized copies from Asia. This large scale operation will be run by several law firms, Customs Agencies, and local law enforcement.

Most unauthorized copies are 1:1 scale which can be easily applied to a real firearm. This poses a problem because whereas they are 100% visual copies they are not constructed by the same materials and do not possess the same build quality. This is a huge risk to any end user since it’s highly probable that the copy will malfunction and cause serious damage to both the weapon and user. Many of these firearm companies receive damaged returns which turn out to be an unauthorized copy that has failed but bare all the correct trademarks but were manufactured in Asia. Note that all these copies were imported illegally and that any product baring unauthorized trademarks or trade dress is against the law.

But it’s not all bad news; some good news is that a few Asian manufacturers have given us their full cooperation with our efforts. A notable mention would be, Tokyo Marui, a highly reputable company."

This was potentially why they had trouble releasing the RECCE, as they had to get the DD rails from madbull, and are officially licensed, which I think is what that sign is talking about. That said, this could also be paving the road for export, which would be a big step for Marui as they have never been "officially" interested in the foreign market Smile

Anyway, all just conjecture on my part, and a huge derailing of this thread.
Sorry Madmax
Quote:Sorry Madmax

No problem, interesting stuff! I didn't know the "new" M4 mags were not compatible with the old ones.
They might release a new adapter for the G36. I'll stick with the G36 mags for now as I don'T want to buy M4 mags which won't fit my M4.

As an update for my G36c mod project, I tried to change the spring, cylinder and piston head yesterday night... and I learned a good lesson:

"Don't mess with gear boxes! need 3 hands to put these back together!"

Make sure you have a wife/girlfriend/roommate to help you holding all the parts inside when re-assembling!

When I tried to re-assemble it, the spring released suddenly and all the parts flew all over my room. I lost the little trigger spring and a small metal part from the gears.

I'll be heading to Airborne tonight to ask them to fix it. -_-'
take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night."
I had the exact same experience. When I bought my SOPMOD last year, the first thing I did was open it up and change things around. It was a great learning experience, and I managed to get through it, but when I bought my SOCOM I decided I wouldn't even bother opening it up. The "don't fix it if it isn't broken" thing I guess Smile
Just a quick post to give some props to the Airborne guy!

He replaced the trigger spring, and properly assembled my gearbox for free!
I thought it was very nice of him.
take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night."
That was awfully nice of him.
Anarchy & I have been going to Air-borne for a long time now. They're pretty good with their mods - not just standard upgrades but also with custom like lathing, etc. I'm having them mod my Stalker mask at this very moment.

If you pop by there, feel free to mention that you're a TKO member. Unfortunately it won't give you a discount but it may help in your relationship with them.
Q. What are you having done to your mask?
[Off topic] Having it integrated better to my helmet.

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