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G-Hop: Getting the extra reach without going over the legal limits
Ok. I will try to take a pics, but it was preety much just cuting off the bump of a bucking. and cutting the Firefly Buffer to fit in the hop-up chamber and that is it! BTW you can do it with any kind of barrel except KM.
So..... step by step:
[Image: f613b58b603a13d8a96d52e516e03f0c.jpg]
If you do not have scalpel it's ok, you can do it with a razor.

Cut the buffer to get the size smaller than window of a barrel. Prometeus 6.03 inner barrel in a picture.
[Image: 44fd6d349639a46885d7ce2826ac6926.jpg]

Turn the bucking inside out, cut off the bump of a bucking and use a file to get smooth surface.
[Image: f8e61e8edaafb794626b2181113df4d2.jpg]

[Image: d76da037b228d95d8fdab31730c4e8a0.jpg]

Assemble hop-up
[Image: f4fbf8db217c4edf80e4d0e4068d6bca.jpg]

You will get this result with maximum hop.
[Image: 7f2b1f7d9754da02b9135cabcd4830e6.jpg]

That's it!
I did not really the G-Hop, but simple version of it. Next time I will do full version, but even simple one works fine for me.
Aliis inserviendo consumor.
So... I have a question: do I really need to insert a "slide sheet" or smooth surface of a bucking will be enough?
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Good work. The smooth surface of the bucking should suffice. However I hope that the part the BB is rubbing against isn't the part where you sanded off ('cos there still may be some irregularities) Did you rotate the bucking?

Also are you able to tell if the FF buffer rubber is able to maintain a truly flat surface for the BB to backspin against? Or is the buffer rubber still to soft that it "curves"?

Final question is do you have to turn to max hop to get full effect? Now that the bump in the bucking has been sanded off, there's more travel the hop & nub have do to make contact with the BB.
I used silicon oil and special tissue to get smooth surface after filing.
I bought hard type buffer (辛口) and it makes truly flat surface as I can see and also rubber is reallt soft (I used standart marui rubber).
I am getting full effect on medium hop and in max it just going straight up after 5 meters.

But I think I will make a full G-hop and will try to compare this two. That is the only way to find is it enough to do a simple one or not Smile
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