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[TENTATIVE BOOKING ATTEMPT] TKO: Battle City Union 29th or 30th January 2011
Since the booking is still tentative, can I sign up as a tentative too?

I believe that there'll be lots of report/HW/assignments to do on early Jan, so I don't know if I can make it or not
So this is as per thread that it's an FYI so not exactly a signup. However you are more than welcome to express your interest here as have others.
Q- I can likely rally another group of around 9 or so, but don't want to wedge any regular TKO members out. Looking forward to signing up should the opportunity present itself, though.
Is there a reason not to book the full field here? Too expensive? I would be interested in having the full field at BCU as we did half-field last time.
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"
You would pay 6,000 yen Midget?
Eek, that's a little steep indeed... Or "how to discourage people of booking full fields".
3,000 if you can get over 50 people.
Have we had 50 at a TKO event before?
50? Wow... maybe the Mike Burrows game was 50?
im good with just using half of the field. quick and not so exhausting.
6 grand is pretty steep for sure.
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"
How many did we have at Village 1 last week? You sure we couldn't get 50 for this?
Hi Air NAVY,
At Village 1 we had 40 show up, which was on the high side for recent TKO events (granted we just went through summer, where people sit out due to the heat). Usually we average anywhere from 20 to 30, with some games falling off to 10 and some going to 40.

We're also thinking that end of Jan is prime ski / snowboard season, so may lose some participants to the slopes.

I can probably go if it's on a Saturday (29th).
Thread closed. Please make your bookings here!

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