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[TENTATIVE BOOKING ATTEMPT] TKO: Battle City Union 29th or 30th January 2011
Hi all,

For now this is a TENTATIVE information. Reason being is BCU's calendar goes only up to December. I'll be booking when the calendar opens for either 29th or 30th January 2011 (with a preference of 30th). The plan is to book Field A only and have a cap limit of 30 attendees max (strict!!)

Apologies about the Dec 5th -> 29th Jan gap but historically we've seen lower numbers over this festive period (ppl being out of the country, going snowboarding, etc.). For those around town, maybe we can do public games or something in between that 6 week break.
Thanks for that Q. Count me in either way for BCU, I'd be interested to try it in less summery condition than last time.
A definite "Yes" from me. I'm excited about possibly playing BCU again. Thanks for trying to get this booking.
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"
Yes from me as well. As for most upcoming games anyway... ^^
take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night."
im cool with all coming games! how about indoor games?
I'd be happy to go as well
I'm in.
I'm in (unless some business trip comes up)
I'm in.
im in
Tesla's BACK!!
As an update, we're broadening this tentative to 29th/30th (Sat or Sun) depending on what's available. The preferred date is actually Sunday so that more players can come.

Having said that, we'll attempt to book only A field and limit this game to 30 ppl max. When confirmed, I'll update this thread.
Shu can also participate when it will be on Sunday.
put me in, please!

long time no see, I'm glad you'll be back.
@ Q
Yes sir Smile
Yeah was really busy last few moths im looking forward to the game and seeing you guys again!

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