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Custom Barrel Cutting
Hi All,
I bought a 7.0" outer barrel for my SOCOM yesterday. When I asked the Echigoya staff what the difference was between the SOCOM version and SOPMOD version, he told me that there was a small cut out on the bottom of the SOCOM barrel to make room for the battery. I am using a RASV so have lots of room, and bought the SOPMOD version because they didn't have the SOCOM version in stock.

When I put it together it fit fine EXCEPT for the wiring. The SOCOM barrel has a cut in the front to make room for the front wiring, but this cut hasn't been done on the 7" barrel I bought. It is so close to fitting, but just can't get the wires through. So bummed.

So it seems my options are...
1. Cut a groove for the wiring into the 7" barrel I bought.
2. Cut down the original barrel. I would have to cut and thread as I want to be able to attach a silencer.
3. Rewire the front.

Does anyone know how to go about grinding or cutting down aluminum? Or better, a place where someone that knows what they are doing could do it?


This is the one I bought.
[Image: ascSF70outer.jpg]
Can't you just dremel it? If it's internal and doesn't need to be a perfect shape, why not just grind a notch in it with a Dremel or similar tool?
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Yah, I was thinking of that, but know nothing about metal work. I read that aluminum is a pain to grind as it melts quickly and can ruin some grinders, etc. Was hoping that folks with some experience might offer advice. Maybe echigoya can cut it for me?

Although it might be cool to get a dremel and try myself.
I'd say get Air-borne to do it. They modded my Sopmod outer barrel as you may have seen pics I put up in .
Thanks Q,
I will look into Air-Borne. How much did it cost you?
If you want to Dremel it be careful. Since the aluminum is quite soft it can clog up your grinding bits. It is best to use a cutter bit.
If I were you, I would get some metal pupose sand paper that's about the equivalent to a P12 grade wood sand paper, and grind it down with your hand, I wouldn't risk the dremel, and you honestly can't go wrong with doing stuff manually.

just a suggestion.
The folks at BLAM did it for me this evening. I walked in, asked if they could do it, and 15 minutes later it was done. For 1,000 it was a good deal in my mind Smile

Glade to here that they hooked you up.

Let me know if you would like a guide posted on the different metal's used in airsoft and how to work with it.
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