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Trouble>UK Tactical
UKTactical is not good well at the overseas shipment.
I was doing the complaint and the answer disappeared.

I have ordered some pouches of Warrior Assault Systems on early of October.
They had shipped it on Oct.12. But it returned to them next day. because it seems that they forgot to put the contact number. They tried to ship once again. I was tracking. But the parcel held the same place 3days...Angry
I asked forwarder for my parcel. They said " We returned it to sender."Angry

I have not trusted them any longerAngry
There is no answer though the repayment is demandedAngry

I also have not trust forwarder any longerAngry Because I could not track my parcelAngry

I do not understand where I may throw angerAngry
Sorry to hear your pains Kenzie. I have some friends on Arnies, maybe I can ask them what their thoughts are with UKTactical.
I do not understand why they make a mistake in the shipment twice.
(29-10-2010, 12:47 AM)Kenzie Wrote: I do not understand why they make a mistake in the shipment twice.

ah, sorry to hear. I hope the items were not too expensive.

I think it happens when you have poorly trained and underpaid staff that doesn't really care anyway.

thanks for the warning, it is important
Kenzie, I'm PM-ing you.
”Shipment Checked out for Export” such a comment was started and seen at the forwarder's tracking page which I checked today.
I am wishing that the package heads for Tokyo little by little.

I will also report.
The package was delivered today. It was sent out on October 11, it was returned to the UK twice, and it finally arrived at Tokyo today. What long journey was it?
Sorry to hear it took so long but glad you finally had it.

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