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[Public Game] - Splash - Sunday Nov 7

Event: Splash Public Game
Date: Sunday November 7th

I'm going to the public game at Splash with some of my Japanese friends. They are experienced players (their first TKO game will be on Dec 5th at BB Jungle).

If anyone is interested in joining this public game, please let me know. (Keep in mind the TKO game is the following weekend).


Splash Website:

Gates / ゲート: 0800 ~ 1800
Games / ゲーム: 1000 ~ 1700
Price / 料金: JPY 2,000 per person
Lunch / 昼: Bento available (Reservation Needed) / 弁当あり(要予約)- JPY 700


Address: Chiba-ken, Chiba-shi, Wakaba-ku, Kaneoya-cho 498

Access Map / アクセス:
Google Map: Here

Gonna be in HK :-(...sorry buddy.
My apologies. I'll be in Guam on the day. Have a fun game!
Mmmmm, let me think about this, public game, really dislike those, but I really miss playing right now.
Q, Ron - no worries, there's always next time (and the week after at Village 1).

Ycare - sure, let me know if you decide on coming out. If not, will see you at Village.
Mmmm, I have to check my job schedule.... Mmmm, Sunday...... Shu wants to go....
Any takers?
Sorry man, I'm working on Saturday so I'm gonna keep my Sunday to prepare for next week... have fun!
I'm still checking my job schedule... checking for my customer appointment, etc...

Desert Union also have a public game on that day.
If I had not have a job, I want to go to here too. Because we have never been to there.
psycho>How do you think?
Ycare - no worries man, I'll see you at Village 1!!

Kenzie - I'm actually meeting a group of six (maybe a few more) experienced Japanese players (with collections that rival Q's) at Splash, so can't make Desert Union. I'd like to try Desert Union sometime too, although not sure I'd like it as much as it looks like it's very open and just man-made barriers.

If you can make it, great! If not, I'll see you at Village 1!!
[off topic] IMHO, you're not missing anything at Desert Union, only the guy with the most powerful gun wins, no strategy whatsoever there.

edit: Sorry, mistook Desert Union and Desert Storm Kawagoe, I don't think I've ever been to Desert Union!
me and some of my teamates will join this game on sunday!!!Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin
Cool stuff!! See you there!!
How was it guys?
Ginga – thanks for asking.  Didn’t think anyone was interested, so just moved the thread to post-game without posting anything.

Field – typical Splash – i.e. muddy path at the bottom, some Vietnam / guerilla warfare style bamboo death trap areas, and plenty of cover from the thick bush (at the top of the hill) and big trees.

People – The Pinoy team was rockin with Zeratul and three of his friends, and with me was M&M and another friend.  The Japanese team that invited me to play was geared up with as much real-steel parts as possible, and came with about six people.

There were some beginners at the field, as well as a few others that I’ve seen at previous Splash public games.

Overall probably around 40‾50 people showed up to play.

Game-play - I remember a few cases where we were definitely pinned down by hi-caps, but it didn’t detract from the day at all.  We just had to wait for a few hundred rounds to expire then make our move.  Zeratul and his boys were acting as a tight unit, and at least one of them had a decent sniper setup going (including branches / foliage in his hat!!).  I was rolling with the Japanese team, and we were playing pretty aggressive throughout.

Organization – Splash is usually very good about keeping the day moving, as they run two games back-to-back with no break (where the teams switch sides), then they put in a ten minute break before starting up again.

The one negative aspect of organization was that games didn’t start until a little after ten (Splash has 10am – 5pm game-times), and they ended us early around 4:15 due to the sun going down (I guess sunset is later, but the terrain / elevation / hills etc meant it started getting dark around 4pm).  Personally would prefer starting earlier to get in more game-time; but I’m guessing they might have an agreement with the neighbors or something.

Weather – was a beautiful day, and despite cool temps (not cold), was ridiculously hot running up and down the hills this field has.  I didn’t sweat quite as much as the August games, but was still hot.  For next week’s Village 1 game, would recommend people not to wear a cotton baselayer – if your sweat is soaking in a cotton t-shirt, it’ll freeze you up very quickly once you stop moving.  Synthetic fabrics designed for hiking / snowboarding / running / etc will dry much quicker and keep your temps regulated a bit better.

Overall – great day out!

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