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[SOLD] M4 S-System MW2 Custom - 25,000

I'm selling my Tokyo Marui M4 S-System/SIR custom that I built designed after the M4 SIR in Modern Warfare 2.

What's Included?

-Tokyo Marui M4 S-System w/ custom paint scheme (Dark Earth/Black)
-Soft gun case (Fits 8 mags, +2 if you stick magazines into forward pocket and has gun retention straps as well as strap)
-6.03mm Laylax inner barrel (Installed)
-6.05mm stock inner barrel
-11.5" extra outer barrel (Installed is 14.5")
-4 30rd magazines
-1 68rd magazine
-2 80rd magazines (P-mags)
-1 85rd magazine
-1 120rd magazine
-1 300rd Hicap magazine
-2 vertical foregrips
-1 HK416 style stock
-2 8.4V Ni-mh battery
-1 unjamming rod

This baby has been one of the best airsoft guns I've had, it shoots true, and performs beyond (the) call of duty Smile

It looks really nice with the 11.5" barrel + suppressor, but one of my friends bought the suppressor.

*note* there are a couple scratches and blemishes on the stock of the gun, from extended use. No indents or gashes though, just a bit of paint scratched away.

Here's another picture with the 416 stock:

Here's a close up:
EO-Tech not included

Im also adding an extra battery
when did you buy it ansel?
Dude... it is so cool that it deserves to be called SIR! Big Grin

Btw, is it electric Blowback?
nononononono. it's not blowback.

its a good ole TM M4 S-System. I just customized it myself.
nononononono, its just a regular TM M4 S-System, I bought it (in stock form) from Echigoya, my dad bought for me for Bday last year.

but i customized it myself into this.
Alright, I'm lowering price from 35,000 to 30,000.
now 25,000
It's an amazing gun, I seriously recommend you buy it. I would, but I already have an m4, and I can't sell it.
King of Questions
recommend who to buy it?

anyone who reads it
King of Questions

thanks for the "thumbs up" Smile
The gun looks good and the price is VERY nice indeed!

The problem is, like mentioned, that most of us already own M4s!
But this would be the perfect gear for someone who wishes to get into airsoft.

I have a friend who is interested, but he doesn't know yet if he can renew his Visa and stay in Japan.
If he manages to renew his Visa and stay, he might get it.
take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night."
ok, lemme know Smile
Is this still available? If so, can you reserve it for me until the end of the month? A friend of mine who's interested in joining airsoft might want to buy this. She's still currently in the Philippines for the holidays and will be back on the 30th.

Team PAIN Japan - Blackwind
Hi, is this still available? I live in Fukuoka area.. is it possible to ship it over?

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