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[COMPLETED] TKO:BB Jungle - Sunday, December 5th
(05-12-2010, 09:26 PM)psycho Wrote: Hey guys! Thanks for coming out and hope everyone enjoyed the day.

Please let us know your feedback on the organization, the games, the two hour campaign games, etc. (either here in this forum or via PM if more appropriate).

Ok, looks like there are a few lost and found items....

1. Ycare - Helmet SureFire light (per post above)
2. Q - handgun
3. Ace5kills - I believe he lost his glasses?

1. G.I. style flashlight (I gave it to the field organizers - if it's yours, let me know and I'll contact the field) - similar to one in this link:

Has anyone written a mail to Splash/BBJungle? If so can you help me please? I can't type to them in Japanese.

good news guys; I found my glasses Big Grin

I actually put it inside my gear bag T_T
Wish I could say the same thing for my Surefire light Sad
Photos up really late :-
Thanks Q,
some funny ones in there Smile

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