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[COMPLETED] TKO:BB Jungle - Sunday, December 5th
(18-10-2010, 08:41 PM)psycho Wrote: Ron - cool stuff. I hope Santa brings you something that will be useful on the field. Tongue

Seemed like his reindeer got injured with legs, so I'm not gonna be able to bring along new stuff.
(30-11-2010, 12:20 PM)RON Wrote: Seemed like his reindeer got injured with legs, so I'm not gonna be able to bring along new stuff.

Looks like he still made it to Drifter's house though. Hopefully he get's well in time to bring you something soon!
Hi Q and Psycho,
Can I confirm the start and end time for this?
Will it be 8:00 gate and 10:00 start?
I know we started earlier at Village last month, so just wanted to double check.

Thanks...looking forward to it!
(30-11-2010, 05:06 PM)GingaNinga Wrote: Will it be 8:00 gate and 10:00 start?

Correct. Splash and BB Jungle (run by same owners) are 10am games.
Cool, thanks for that.
sorry guys, seems like I can make it this weekend (My compulsory TOEIC test will be held on saturday Nov 4th), and so, I rewrote my name on the sign up sheet
OK, I had actually knocked up a draft team and tentative schedule for Psycho to review. I'll add your name too.
I was wondering if there are still some chance of carpooling? or taxi-sharing?
So Ace, it seems U and Kiwiglen's looking for transport. Not certain if Kiwi is still coming (to the game), he was supposed to confirm last night.
I'm also looking for transport, and I am confirmed for the game. If anyone has a spot, I am good company, and I will try not to fart in your car too much.
no promises though
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"
Gotcha...NP. Wow we're going to have 38 ppl attending.

Transport-wise, I'm gonna rent and I have 2 with me already. I probably can take one more but additional 2 would probably be a squeeze. OK so whoever who PM's me first gets the last spot.

P.S. we'll split rental/gas/toll costs.
All - please note we'll be having a handgun only game, so bring em if you got em.
Be ready for a muddy ground, it pours cats and dogs.
Weather seems ok now... Let's hope the ground dries a bit today and tomorrow.
take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night."
No way it dries that fast, it was really a shitload of rain.

It will be ok, but a bit muddy, so be ready for it Wink

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