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Children's Leagues
I work at a JHS, and there's this poor kid there who's really passionate about airsoft, but obviously doesn't ever get to play it. Is there any such thing as children's leagues, using weaker rifles or whatever it takes to make the government happy? Even TM has models intended for the young-uns, so surely there must be some place or way for them to get together and play that doesn't just involve finding a forest with nobody around, right?
well... im a "children" but i still participate in adult leagues... i do that just cuz the 10 year+ guns, suck, in general
I don't imagine many fields are too eager to have to deal with the headaches and legal waivers necessary to allow very young kids to run around and possibly get hurt, low power guns or not. I've seen pictures in ARMS magazine of kids playing with the TM low powered guns at big events, but it looks like they are all accompanied by parents, which who probably watch them while they play.
Many fields allow minors to public games if they have a parent consigned consent form.
I would send your Japanese students do a search for game fields, and have them look into them. Most say on the top page if they allow minors or not.

I hope to set up some games for the younger age groups. I believe strongly in setting positive role models and doing volunteer and educational out reach. I think that Airsoft would be a great avenue for teaching leadership, team work, and communication to "children" at that age, and it is a program I hope to establish by early next year. I will PM you with more details Aouwra.
Thanks GN, I hope to hear more from you about it. Junior high school is right around the age where kids start shifting into high gear as far as their responsibility and personal development go, and it's always been a pet peeve of mine that the world seems to cater to the lowest common denominator (with very few exceptions) until the age of 18, at which point it says "yeah, go ahead and kill yourself."
The worst thing in the world for me to see is a young mind hungry for growth that is denied its chosen stimulus.

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