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Few updates to the Forum: MyBB 1.6
I've upgraded MyBB to 1.6. A few mod changes I've done myself :-

1) PM - now includes the subject and content. Saves the hassle of clicking the link to go back to the Forum to read your PM's.
2) Increased Registered members's Inbox quota to 500 messages
3) Mail from TKO now comes from
Thanks for the time and energy Q.
(30-09-2010, 02:01 AM)Q Wrote: 2) Increased Registered members's Inbox quota to 500 messages

I love you Heart
Nice one! Thanks Q.
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"
Note: A few people trying to access the upgraded forum will see this :-

SQL Error:
1054 - Unknown column 'remember' in 'field list'
SELECT uid,username,password,salt,loginkey,remember,passwordconvert,passwordconverttype FROM mybb_users WHERE username='AnakChan' LIMIT 1

It's a known problem. I will fix this when I get home tonight. Apologies for the inconvenience.
Oh dear. So the login is fixed. However the issue is that the plugins we use are not compatible with the new version. So I've disabled the plugins.

The issue is that one of the plugins is the "Event sign up sheet (1.0)" but that is not compatible to 1.6 (i.e. I cannot re-enable it). I'm expecting SMS from Ginga soon on "how do I find out who has signed up for the Oct 9th game??". But tentative answer is "I don't know" (until I can dump the database contents).
Yikes! I was going to copy that yesterday Wink

I might have it in my browser cache.
Hey Q,
found the list in my browser cache, so I have everyone.
I will add them to the game day thread.

Bummer about the plug-in.
Anyway to downgrade?
Excellent...I don't have to do any database dumps then.

Nope...but I've thought a of a "workaround". Will need to modify some files and "force" a compatibility without really checking :p. Will do that tonight.
Signup sheet is back up (but I see Ginga has already modified his post Tongue). It should work, let me know if there's any bugs.
Psycho has identified a problem with "Subscribe to this thread". This is particular to the Somber Theme on MyBB 1.6 for the TKO forum. I'll see if I can look into the code to fix this.

Alternatively, a -horrible- workaround is to switch your theme back to Default, then subscribe. Presumably after that you may be able to switch back to the Somber theme but I've not tried that far yet.
I've installed an iPhone theme so that when you access TKO from your iPhone/iPad it should use a theme that's quicker to download. This is temporary until MyBB GoMobile goes production in late November.

If ppl find the iPhone theme doesn't work for them, let me know...I can disable it but I think it's all or nothing (i.e. it can't be enable for some and disabled for others).

Edit: Just FYI, personally I think it sux so maybe I might yank it Big Grin.
Re:Iphone version
not pretty, but very fast. I don't mind it.
Not enjoying the iPhone version:
No red flags for new posts
No way to post anything, seems as if it's read only
Unless you go to a specific thread URL directly, it keeps defaulting to iPhone version, which is annoying (no link for "PC Version")
Yah, I think I may have spoke to soon Smile
I also noticed that the iphone version doesn't support Japanese. The Japanese in the game details is mojibake.

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