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SOPMOD CQB-R upgrade
Hi all. I just bought a new CQB-R. I love the little thing. Shoots wonderfully and I really enjoy the recoil. I come from a RS shooting background and it makes things feel nicer.

I have a superduper high cycle m4 (rof 35 bb/s) that I put together and had someone (Vortex do the internal upgrades as I was uninterested in having to do it myself (learning how to do it the hard way is not always fun if it keeps breaking on the field and you have no gun to play the rest of the day!).

Now that I have this new CQB-R I would like to try for myself. I know this can just lead to disaster, but I want to give it a try anyway.

I would like to improve the guns accuracy as much as I can but not the rof. I know that upgrading the power to the legal limit and putting in a tight bore barrel works. I have done these things to my VSR 10. I also know that the H nubs for the hop up works wonders.

I have heard many people talk about the hop up rubber. I guess there is a big debate/personal preference regarding whether to change the Tokyo Marui hop up rubber to something else. Say one of the laylax hop up rubbers(I believe there is a hard and soft rubber). I have read around a bit and have not really found out what I wanted to know. Mostly, what are you thoughts on the replacement hop up rubbers. Are they worth it or is the Tokyo Marui rubber just as good? What are the differences if any that you have noticed between the hard and soft hop up rubbers. On a side note, how often do you guys change your hop up rubbers?

I have read here and other forums that improving the air seals can improve the guns accuracy and consistency. I guess it can also increase the meters per second as well. I understand the replacing the piston head, the cylinder head and the nozzle the rests against the BB will improve these things. What I want to know is, is it worth the hassle of opening up the mech box and getting everything back together again just right?

One last question. If I upgrade the spring in the mech box do I have to/should I change the recoil spring too? I would not think that I would have to but I have been wrong before!

Thanks for all your answers and for your patience with what may seem like some silly/noob questions.

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