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[HELP] Damaged Motor Head?
I was swapping the grip on KiwiGlen's new (used) M4 and the motor head looked a bit weird to me. I wasn't sure if it was like this on purpose.

Any thoughts and solutions?

I did notice that, but it still is engaging the gear fine though, so I thought it was all good. When I first received it brand new and didn't tinker with it, the motor wasn't pushed enough. So after a few play, when I changed the grip, I noticed that (the top part being more used than the bottom's), and pushed it further, and since then it's been in this similar state.

I don't think there's need to worry, but if you find an easy way to change the head, let me know, I'll pay for it.
Looks like he's got the motor height adjustment wrong. Anyhow, pinion gears are easy to replace :-


If you get the Systema hardened pinion gear, no need the latter, just an allen key is enough for Systema's.
Would that damage be because it is too high or too low?
Thanks for the links Q.
Either/both can cause such a damage. If I were to make an educated guess, I'd say too low (see the profile of the left tooth).

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