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eHobbyAsia's good customer service
Well, Magpul PTS just got back to me out of the blue, very courteous and polite, explaining the situation and that I shall receive a new ACR from eHobby Asia soon.

This doesn't make disappear the fact that I was poorly replied and insulted, down to the public forum they handle issues from. Again, they've made it personal, and even if eHobby Asia handled all my orders very fine until then, and provided great support to Q for his item, I am so biased now toward them that I can't seriously consider recommending it to anyone.
Interesting that the eHobby guy tried to tell you that the Magpul customer service reps were pissed off at you too, then Magpul comes back with a polite and courteous email fully rectifying the situation. I'm glad it looks like it's going to work out for you.
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"
Well, it could be that Magpul PTS is just nice and polite on the surface. But trained CS professionals should be at least like that anyway. All smiles up front but rolling eyes at you when you're not looking.

I think that shows that eHobby Asia has no employees specializing in CS so they're all frank and casual about it. Also, it shows that Magpul wants to keep you as a client, as their CS reply indicates. Can't say the same for eHobby Asia.
(15-09-2010, 12:28 PM)Hazard Wrote: Also, it shows that Magpul wants to keep you as a client, as their CS reply indicates. Can't say the same for eHobby Asia.

Yup, you said it.
Of course CS is still CS, and even though they're polite, anything I ask extra is a pain in the butt for them, that's what support is, and it's everywhere the same. But the difference lies in making it obvious that you're a pain in the butt, or pretending being all smiley about it, that's where "good" CS shows its side, along with professionalism.
Yeah, I don't give a crap if a company thinks I'm a pain in the butt. They should always be patient and polite with their customers. All CS departments will bitch and complain about needy/noisy customers behind closed doors, it's part of the fun of that kind of work, but that doesn't mean they stop doing their job.
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"
Just to clarify though, the retailer didn't "stop doing their job".
In a way they did, they stepped over the line between courteous and professional customer service and lost a customer in Ycare, and possibly others who will side with him and not want to risk that kind of treatment. They might have technically continued to look into and deal with the issue, but that isn't their only responsibility. I would consider it the job of a customer service rep to do what they can to keep a client happy, keep a smile on their face, a pleasant (or at least neutral) tone to their emails, and then bitch or get pissed about it over beers with their co-workers. But maybe that's because I work in customer service, and that is what I am expected to do Smile

All in all, i would say it was unfortunate for all parties involved, as I am sure that there was probably no ill will initially between any parties. Like you have said in other posts, it probably was all a case of miscommunication and language barrier that just snow balled.
The moment they became rude towards a customer they stopped doing their job. Customer service is about handling issues in a way that resolves the situation to the satisfaction of the customer AND restores their confidence in the retailer. Merely sorting out the problem is not enough. They need to resolve the situation promptly, courteously, and politely. The best companies will even exceed the customer's expectation. You always want to leave the customer thinking, "I had an issue, but they did right by me. I feel good about going back to them in future." The fact that Ycare has lost faith in them means the customer service reps failed at their job, despite rectifying the problem.

There's a direct order bike wheel company called Williams Wheels. Small, family-owned company. A customer's story on one of the review sites states that on his first ride on his brand new wheels, the front bearing gave out. This is completely unreasonable. He called the company and explained the issue to the owner (like I said, small company). He asked him to send the wheel back, of course they would replace the wheel at no cost. Unfortunately, the company didn't have anymore of the wheel he wanted in stock at that time, so they asked him to wait. Dude had a race on the weekend, needed a wheel immediately. The owner of the company took the front wheel off of one of his own bikes and mailed it to the guy so he could race. He said, "Send it back after you get your new one from us."

The customer had a serious problem, one that would make you think twice about ever patronizing that company again, but the issue was handled in such a way that the customer is now MORE likely to go back there. That's real customer service.

P.S. Looks like Ginga and I wrote the same thing at the same time. I like that Ginga guy, he seems like a smart feller.

P.P.S. I like how Ycare hijacked this thread and turned it into the total opposite of the title of the thread.
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"
I don't want to go so deep into this but all I can say is that we're not necessarily seeing the complete picture here.
lol, sorry Q we hi-jacked the thread.

I know what you're trying to say, and the differences of culture and country make the actual definition of CS different between places, but I also agree with the other guys from my Westerner/Japanese consumer point of view that this was unacceptable CS, especially since I've never been to China nor HK myself.
But in the end, since many people that order from eHobby have probably a similar background than mine, they might be thinking the same about the CS treatment I received, which is why I tried to inform everyone about this. It wasn't mere public whining or revenge on eHobby, I was trying to warn customers like me that this is what they might expect.

Anyway, sorry again for the hijacking Q Wink
Sounds like Q was lucky but Ycare's case was just the opposite.

IMO expressions in the e-mail and the post wrote by the guy who reacted to Ycare's inquiry looks like excessive and rude to a loyal customer. They should have considered the fact Ycare was one of the loyal customers who repeated buying their stuffs.

I hope Ycare will get the nondefective one.
eHobby Asia doesn't let it go, they tell me I did get a whole new ACR even though I got the box of my old one, with the "new" serial number cut and taped to the box. Also all the stuff in there was from my previous packs, mags and all. Add to that the obvious scratches on the pins and side of the ACR showing the upper receiver has been opened at least once, and not carefully.

Here's what they replied to my comment on Arnies and my reply to it: Wrote:it is a 100% new gun.
nothing has been "swapped out"
I can take a photo of yours if you want.

but this does bring up the point, under what right can you demand a new one?
your first one was easily repaired and should have been sent to you.
I went against policy, and I even had to argue your point with both companies, as they both wanted to give you your original gun back.
which they have every right too and is standard procedure.
and the only excuse I could use is "hes having a whine in a forum and I'm trying to make him happy."

and now you say you got the same one. :o


So now forgive me for following the rules to a t.
You were told if you returned the parcel via postal services air parcel and if a factory fault was found, we could cover the return shipping costs. This did not happen.

Ycare Wrote:"Under what right"? Under my customer satisfaction right.

But alright, fair enough, I will take your word for it and I believe this is a new one, please accept my apologies for my wrongful suppositions.

Just out of curiosity, why the box swap and giving me the old box with the serial number cutout and taped to it, wouldn't it have been easier to keep the old box and just ship the whole new pack? This definitely confused me, especially since there are scratches on the pins which really seem to make me think that the upper receiver has been opened at least once, and not with the dummy bullet. I can take pictures if you want.

I'm not doubting your good will, and intention to "make me happy", but maybe someone went against your recommendation without you knowing?

And understood for the shipping, postal air service would have taken a month, and I preferred EMS since I didn't want to have to wait too long for the replacement, I guess somehow it's my bad.

And then I quoted the 3 emails where they mention they would replace the ACR Wink
I think at this point it's strictly between you and eHobby. At least in my experience they have treated me well. I've been playing airsoft for about 4 years and I think eHobby's been around for quite a few years, I don't hear many complaints about them. Put it this way, over the years of my membership on Arnies, ASF, Airsoft Canada, etc I've heard complaints about Redwolf, AirsoftGlobal, eHobby, etc but none have really stood out as strongly as eBaybanned/ebairsoft.

As such I'm inclined to think that the experience you had with eHobby is a very specific case to you but it does not reflect eHobby's general treatment of customers.
I totally agree with that.

But let this be a warning, that such a situation happened once, and could happen again. I don't consider myself a particularly difficult customer, and never had such an issue before, even with ebaybanned, and yet eHobby came to antagonize me pretty badly, whether it was deserved or not, you know where I stand on this.
I think the next time I order from them I'm going to add a note saying that I have shot you in the face before. They might throw in some free stuff in appreciation. Wink

Seriously though, it sucks that this is how it all happened. I hope the "new" one works out for you.
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"

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