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eHobbyAsia's good customer service
So, there's not much talk about eHobbyAsia here however I recently tried ordering some stuff from them (small things like motors, flash hiders, etc., nothing big).

Amongst my orders was an item, a Madbull PWS FSC556 CW+. My order was very prompt arriving in Japan whilst I was on holidays diving in Philippines. Upon my return, I collected my package and noticed that the flash hider was CCW. This isn't eHobby's fault because even the Madbull labels stated CW. So it appears Madbull has packaged their products incorrectly.

I reported this back to eHobby and they agreed to ship me a proper PWS FSC556 CW+ for free, whilst I get to keep the FSC556 CCW Big Grin.

Sure these items may not cost much however this is an excellent service from eHobby of which I'll be keen to support them further & buy bigger items from them in the future.
Meanwhile I'm battling with eHobby Asia to get a full replacement of my ACR instead of just a "repair" since mine apparently passed QA without much of a check.
Oh, and I had to pay 5,500 yen to ship my ACR back, and apparently no one knows if I'll get reimbursed for that.

I've been using eHobby Asia for a long time and always with great satisfaction, but this is starting to piss me off.
At first they offered me a coupon equal to the fee of me posting my wrong item back to them. Later the offered a better deal of just to send me a new item without even requiring me to return the wrong item back.
Have ordered a few times from eHobby and find the level of service is standard, but slow. On two of my orders, it took three or four business days to be processed and mailed out, which seems slow to me. Also every time I email them about an order, the responses often take three days and are not very detailed or at times do not answer the questions asked.

So overall, a neutral experience - with slow service.
I've had good experiences with them overall, but I agree with Psycho, the shipping service as of late has felt a little sluggish. When I started ordering stuff last year, they would have it processed and shipped out pretty much the next business day. Now there seems to be about a 2 day lag time. To be honest though, shipping from Hong Kong in general has felt slow across the board, including my preferred video game importer Play-Asia.

I hope they get things fixed for you Ycare, it's always annoying when you have to ship stuff back, especially when you have to pay shipping.
Well, forget whatever good I said about eHobby Asia. I received the rudest email ever from a shop.

The situation was I didn't have any feedback on my previous email of the day earlier, and so I sent this morning another email, a bit cold and rude to be honest, though polite, that I did not want the broken-then-fixed ACR sent back to me in two weeks, but wanted a replacement for a new one, like I was first told they would do.
My reasoning is: if this ACR passed QA with a defective barrel, then there might be something else wrong with it, and I'd rather avoid figuring out by myself with another month of emails and expensive shipping.

So eHobby told me "to take a chill pill" (literally, not kidding), and then proceeded in asking me "If I did anything else" to the ACR because they are getting "skeptical" and suspicious that I did something to it... and finally to "try to relax, as its going to take as long as it takes".

F@%$ that!!! This is the last time I deal with eHobby Asia, very disappointed on how they handle unsatisfied customers and I asked them for a refund.

No ACR is worth being talked like that, and I'll buy one from WGC later on if I want to.
Wow. That is really surprising, and extremely unfortunate.
I hope that they honour the refund request. I would forward the mail on to Magpul PTS and obviously make it public in the store feedback section over at Arnies.

I am happy to sell you mine as I can wait for the next batch, and I know how excited you were to get yours.
Thanks Ginga, I'll let you know. But meanwhile, I followed your advice:
I read the post you made at Arnie's. Although I understand that you're frustrated, I think you should have been nicer in the e-mail you sent them. That was not really "polite" IMO. Non-Japanese customer service will answer aggression with aggression. While you are the customer, they have your money/item so playing nice is a bit of a necessity.

Good luck on your claim.
Yeah, I'm aware of that, but again, that was the first email where I lost patience and had been more than polite before. They ignored my previous email and had both my money and item, so I kinda wanted some feedback there.
Either way, I'm not their "buddy", I'm a customer, and you just don't talk like that to a customer, US, France, Japan, or HK. I didn't insult the guy, and was merely rude in my lack of patience. It certainly doesn't warrant this kind for reply.
This is the last time ever I deal with eHobby Asia.

Behind the sarcasm is a very serious Ycare pissed off at a terrible customer service and of not being taken seriously.
Arnies database seems to be down again.
What happened? PM me if you prefer.
Mmm, working for me.

But in short: they've made it personal, saying that dealing with me is now like "pushing shit", and that that there is something wrong with me or in the likes.

Now even if eHobby somehow manage to get it right on the ACR, they just spited me out of dealing with them. But it sounds like they're trying to give me the broken ACR back anyway, so I'll just make a claim with Paypal/Amex and get it reimbursed and they'll deal on their own with the broken ACR.
I keep getting database errors...
Anyway, I am sorry to hear that they are treating you badly...seems unbelievable that they would be so disrespectful. I hope it all turns OK. There are other places to get the ACR though, so I hope you do get one eventually.
eHobby Asia Wrote:Ycare
There is no difficulties here.
The only difficulties created, are in what you have assumed.
As mentioned before, Irrelevant of item or problem, there are procedures to follow.
And everything is going as planned.

I could have emailed you on Friday. As I made inquires of the situation, and I did say I would keep you updated.
But that would have been just to tell your gun went from the Magpul offices to the Magpul factory on Friday.
And that probably just created another lovely email from you. Over something we have no control over, nor anything you need to worry about.
Also as I mentioned before, your multiply emails to both companies has had a negative effect.
Instead of one person happy to deal with this case, you have 5 unhappy people pushing shyt down hill.
You have to remember, we are not miracle workers, and as 100% of our time is not dedicated to 1 customer, everything takes time.
And we can't give you a running commentary on every little thing about your order that isn't really important.

As for other customer with the ACR problem that returned his for repair, I have yet to here from him after telling him it had arrived and would take a little time to process a correction. And his arrived 2 days before yours and has been processed at the same time.
Whats the difference between him and you?
I have a long list. Rolleyes

Now again today I have had contact with the Magpul factory. (cough cough)
The ACR has been inspected and the problem corrected.
All it needed was half a day in the factory and its sorted.
I'll make arrangements for the return shipping ASAP.
But now again you'll have to wait, as the earliest an ACR can be shipped is Wednesday.
So again... Please hold!
Don't panic,
With the exception of you getting upset with your assumptions, and upsetting others.
Everything is still proceeding as planned.

There was a cool saying about assumptions, but I can't remember.
Someone want to enlighten us.

Ycare Wrote:Thank you for the update, and the "casual" tone again, which sounds borderline like saying there's something wrong with me(?)

I'm sorry but I can't see what were the assumptions which gave me so much bad credit? That you were supposed to replace the defective item? That the same broken ACR was probably going to get fixed and shipped back to me?
For the first one, because you told me so. For the second one, I still don't know since your reply here can be understood in both ways. Am I getting the repaired/broken ACR back, or a new one?

I was maybe cold and direct in this previous email, but all I was asking for was what you said would be happening, i.e. a replacement of a defective item purchased, I can quote you if you want, but I'm sure you have the email history. Again, if someone at any time would have told me "we need to ship your ACR back to Magpul PTS before being able to replace it", then maybe I would have been able to understand why it took over 3 days for having just a feedback from eHobby Asia. This is your miscommunication, not mine, and in no way it gave right to insult me in my misunderstanding.

I'm glad for you that your other customer doesn't mine waiting for his item, I'm sure you two will get along just fine and live happily ever after. Maybe you will even send me the wedding pictures if I spam you enough.
Please do also feel free to try alienating me a little more, as I don't feel like I've been mocked enough. Maybe when you do get the saying you forgot, it would be a nice addition to this "long list of differences" I'm so avidly looking forward to know.
I will try to not panic too much while waiting for your next email, although I do get quite anxious and start throwing feces on the walls when I don't have an hourly email update of my purchases, which is all part of my very severe condition of "Wantaworkingunasapsis" that I suffer.

I'm pretty pissed off right now. They're not even apologetic in their reply and basically keep on antagonizing me even more on purpose it seems.

I'm pretty sure their reply meant that I'll get the broken/fixed ACR back, which I very clearly said I didn't want (that was the email which started it all I believe). Not sure how clearer I can be about that. So I don't know why they ignore me, or choose to think I'm not serious, but I am indeed very much. And if they send me the broken ACR, I will refuse the item and do a claim.

Either way, that's the last time I deal with them.

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