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[SOLD] KSC MK23 ¥8000

KSC Mk23 HW (2003) for Y8000


Comes with the KSC Mk23 Silencer, extra magazine, hop up adjuster, manual, loading rod, and the original box.

I bought the gun for 15000, and the silencer for 8000. so it's worth about 23000.

Very well made, hardly used, has a DE body, GREAT condition, Highly recommended for users with big hands because this thing is HUGE, and fires VERY accurately (especially with the silencer on)

Need to sell because I need the money Sad


Let me know if you're interested!

12,000 -> 10,000 -> 8,000
i am now adding in the dropleg holster for it at the same price.

2x mags
+dropleg holster
OMG... very, very interesting price Big Grin

I'm still thinking about it, so could you please hold it for me for a while?

and could you please post a pic on the dropleg?

Cheers Big Grin

btw, when did you bought it?
i bought it December of 2009, during a gun show.

no problem, held for you.

ill take more pix as well.
Nooby question, is it a GBB?
yep. sure is. packs quite the punch, and is rediculously accurate with silencer.
Ace5kills, here's a whole photo album of the mk23 i took on the fly.
I'd like to see it first, but I'll trade you the mp7 with holster and mags for it if you give me 2,000
King of Questions
sorry SOLD

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